Dimensional APP, a secondary yuan the social applications

(/xiao-miao li wen)

secondary yuan generally refers to the plane, also is in the subculture of animation, games and other works in the fictional world of a call, as opposed to a real world, the anime fans, secondary yuan the pronoun of the world.

recently launched mobile application of dimensional animation theme, is a secondary yuan culture photo-sharing social applications. “At present there are a lot of applications in the field of secondary yuan actually, a cartoon reading class, the class information, also has video class, like pixiv, bilibili, AcFun, pudding, the burqa, etc. We want to do is based on two dimensional interest Angle of young people’s social applications, “dimensional COO Chen Mo convective cloud network said.

time yuan is a mobile application of secondary yuan culture, also is to belong to secondary yuan the SNS applications. Secondary yuan the share anime pictures here, find more fun interesting dimension, meet like minded people. Just open the dimensional has a boot animation, all kinds of cartoon characters, awesome music, the broadcast of outbreak type, let small make up such false anime also excited for it. After secondary yuan property tests, is an interesting new report benefits, it through two dimensional knowledge quiz to determine user attributes, for the user to match their dimensional space and related interest section.

time yuan’s main function is based on the secondary culture, let the have common hobbies users find and like minded people, share in the dimensional two dimensional image, establish a social community. Dimensions of all images you can download the collection or share to other social networking platform, users can also download the Po master images after change figure, add cartoon emoticons, or to the original image with various parody of text, or choose the dimensional design of cartoon characters, scenes, characters to “design” the original image. Chen Mo said. “in the dimensional game is, the user can change no moral integrity of the figure parody, hundreds of stickers will help users to spoof through”.

user group of dimensional positioning is love secondary groups, namely the secondary yuan yuan culture dimensions people based on the same interests and hobbies, to develop their own social applications. If, in accordance with age, is after 90, 00. Chen Mo said: dimensional creative team, also is anime fans, has rich experience on mobile terminal development, team members are senior secondary yuan lovers.

Chen Mo think yuan is a complete world and make it a collection of various elements, taste different, aura, nature is not a time element. Even in secondary YuanShiJie, also can have a variety of dimensions. Today’s young people, almost all have more or less secondary yuan attributes, and their lack of a communication platform of their own. Every culture patterns are made by different way of thinking, language and behavior habits, aesthetic paradigm to construct. Youth subculture is the most creative and aggressive culture, their language, entertainment is in constant influence mainstream culture. Secondary yuan culture not only become the 90, 00 after the cultural character of young people together, more constantly affect the mainstream culture. Mainstream culture almost all the popular and interactions, are made by two dimensional world of invention and creation, such as video sites are now on the barrage of function. This is a ignored by mainstream culture but it has a broad prospect.

finally Chen Mo tell cloud network currently hunting products user response is good, recent events: take dimensional sauce to diffuse exhibition, also got the user’s active participation. Then they want to do is to continue to enhance the user viscosity, the current products temporarily did not obtain financing, Chen Mo said their main focus now continues to improve products, hope to provide better experience for users and more.


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