Digital password will die not unintelligent, face, voice print, palmprint, represent the future

digital password today, now says “dying” will not logical, or is only conjecture. The answer is NO, the trend is quickly coming to us.

new fingerprint identification on the iPhone 5 s function is to lead you out of the traditional pattern of “digital password”, in fact, not only the apple, in the ocean, Google, MOTOROLA and other high-tech enterprises are challenged to the traditional way of password input, biometrics, hardware encryption new solution is brewing. Google information security chief Heather Adkins, Paypal CTO are staunch supporters of the “password will death” theory.

as a leader in the field of domestic third-party payment, pay treasure to more advanced understanding of the trend. Small share in 15 days, the company for the first time to show the safety working on the cutting edge of technology, especially in the various techniques of biological recognition technology is given priority to, including the face, the voice print, fingerprint, palmprint, handwriting and keystrokes.

at the moment, through the development of these technologies, with the existing digital password can form the effective supplement and even in some scenarios and link, its security than digital password. Application of these techniques in the future, not only can greatly improve the Internet safety, safety will also experience into the era of biometrics. By then, the digital password form or will bid farewell to the public’s operating behavior patterns.

in recent years, based on the online trading, personal privacy data exploded, fraud, extortion, attacks on online “underworld” behavior, such as more and more rampant, the user personal password discriminant accuracy put forward higher requirements, such as the limitation of the purely digital password way contradiction increasingly apparent. But as the face of future technology, voice print, fingerprint, palmprint, handwriting and keystrokes what improvements? We watched the:

face recognition

the traditional face recognition is based on local features a description of the face and make judgments. Modern technology is directly to a lot of face data in the form of bare pixels in the depth of input to the neural network, through the study of step by step, gradually be able to distinguish between different human visual characteristics, and the characteristics of memory in the form of weights in the connections of neurons, to simulate the human brain in face recognition tasks in the way to work.

voiceprint recognition

every person speaking pronunciation, is your breath, sound channel, the result of the nasal cavity, lung multiple cooperation, any two people’s voice print map is not the same. Specific equipment can be collected, converted into digital signals, a few seconds of voice can produce a large amount of data, become the identification basis.

palmprint recognition

palmprint contrast, not only can compare palmprint mainline and the direction of the fold and location information, can also measure the palmprint image center of gravity, the mean, variance, etc., from a feature in the dictionary. Depend on the specific equipment acquisition palmprint, converted into digital signal, instantaneous large data, has become the basis.


fingerprints include the overall features, such as the number of grain shape, triangle points, lines, also includes comparing the local feature points, such as breakpoints, bifurcation point, turning point, etc. Long-term practice has proved that as long as than 13 feature points overlap, can be considered to be the same fingerprint.

handwriting recognition

new handwriting recognition has gone way beyond the static graphics, but contains the dynamic sampling and comparison of the process of writing, such as stroke order, the whole writing process is split into a large number of points sequence data, then by a specific algorithm is reliable probability assessment.

keystroke identification

through the deployment of the trading platform control, system can collect user keys duration, interval time, tap on a pressure, or even holding mobile position data. Through the data model, abstracts the basic model of user behaviour on the keyboard, used for identity recognition.

after understanding these cutting-edge safety technology, the problem here: online shopping in the future, are you ready to brush brush face or hands?

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