Digg founder pushed the new applications, pry open the rich pocket high-grade watch community

“in this life I don’t like watch.” Digg company co-founder

let me know. For a newly released Watchville people, this is a weird sound prologue, Watchville is an aggregation of the applications of clocks and watches from the top blog news, and it also provides atomic clocks tool to help the user set-up time and phases of the moon.

but Ross explained: “when my father died I am a very good watch. That is almost the he can afford the most expensive watches, so he spent a lot of time and energy on it, this watch is named rolex.” This led him to learn more about the watch, however, when the experienced technical experts want to find a way to maintain his new hobby, “I realized that, in the field of luxury goods, when you want to search for related applications, you can’t find anything.”

Kevin rose

so, Ross organization of his experimental mobile application development studio North, to develop a can let luxury watches lovers like applications. This Tiiny to North of the first applications are worlds apart, Tiiny is a more in line with the invention of the silicon valley tradition, it allows users to share size compressed images and video.

Tiiny “is very interesting, to continue to develop in the future in the next few version.” Rose with a sigh, admits it online time is a bit early, after “if use 0-10 to evaluate, I give it a 7 points.” According to the North of the established plan, this is a good result. Plan every few months this workshop will introduce a new application, and make them free development, and then abandoned failure, put emphasis on those who has great potential application.

to general startup business Watchville target market looks like a piece of vacant, but this is the very reason, there are opportunities to other application developers never focus on the market.

in the past year, Ross watch activities everywhere, meeting with bloggers, and established cooperation relationship with the top brands. Under the guidance of their, Ross developed Watchville, the application has been officially launched in last week. If you impression of Abby and watch only from jay-z lyrics, then Ross’s application will be able to teach you a lot about watches.

Watchville blog polymerization news and information from top clocks and watches, including Perpetuelle and Haute Time and site. Contents include fit evaluation, buying guide and corporate soft wen, users can Watchville reading model or built-in browser to view the original.

collector can also use Watchville atomic clock tool calibration clock time. Applications have a small bell to tip of the last 5 seconds per minute, so that the user can through the sound distinguishing find the time of press the crown. In addition, if their clocks with phases of the moon, it can also through the Watchville calibration.

if these sounds difficult, that’s right. Watchville want to attract is a small group of loyal but can profit from them.

if Watchville can attract loyal users, so there will be a lot of ways to make money. The application does not intend to display ads or published content, but “when it comes to business or market problems, mesa have many options.” Ross told me, but don’t want to suddenly flashed all CARDS. When I further request, he explains, the traditional markets like eBay is not for luxury goods. They need better credit system, he suggested.

Watchville may be just the beginning. If this model can work, Ross said the North will develop toward “handbag collectors, classic air Jordan sneakers and luxury application of comic books. Our long-term strategy is to use a single brand or several app bundled up all these.” The Google Ventures company part-time partner said the outlook.

“it is a somebody hit the market. People pursue more is like Tiiny things.” Ross said with a smile. Development is the development trend of the current consumer application first users of products, expectations from one over ten million or one over one hundred million users out there must be some money. Create a plaything for a few people, however, although this may be a kind of more crushing and less fashionable route, but if each user to own hobby to hit heavily, so Watchville such applications will be able to become the real big business.

compared with Ross used to those products, the technical content of these things, but he still face lit up a way: “the luxury of space is huge.”


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