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the cartoon industry has begun to gradually thinning, such as cartoon peripheral O2O, two dimensional image sharing community, or like tencent anime, need to focus on long drama serial anime video web site, and the long short leisure cartoon is concerned and the three dimensional users, specifically for the original author and cartoon lovers to provide online manga comic sharing interactive platform.

diffuse Hu Junchao tell hunting cloud network founder, he is a senior cartoon enthusiasts. Hu Junchao said, “a day in the Internet age people generally like to use a lot of debris graphical reading time for fast food type, diffuse fluttering founded it is from this kind of demand, we focus on short leisure cartoon, three yuan hope that the majority of the users through the comics, relax and enrich your life.”

diffuse leisurely original cartoon network, is a focus for the original comic authors, cartoon lovers to provide online share interactive platform for the original manga comics. Provide original cartoon platform operation, promotion and value-added services. Diffuse leisurely in August 2010 with 11 million RMB registered capital, the website also at the same time online. Original “leisurely” just as the cartoon show platform to share the domestic original cartoon works. Now has grown into an original cartoon platform operators, to provide original cartoon platform operation, promotion and value-added services.

diffuse fluttering user base is 16 ~ 35, three yuan prick silk, 72% were women readers. Here, the authors can free published works, readers can read excellent original comics, free online interactions with comic writers. Diffuse leisurely brings together the different styles of domestic outstanding works, rubs the subject, thriller, campus small and pure and fresh, also has a long story cartoons, four leisure cartoon, and beautiful illustrations.

website set up special channel, there are nearly 20 thematic activities such as “where Christmas”, “the dream silk don’t cry”, such as activity using paid incentive system, authors around the project related elements to create their own works, diffuse long will, according to the work scope of the spread of the length and the evaluation of the corresponding awards, also set up the “active readers award” for the reader. In addition, there is also a cartoon industry in all kinds of information. Diffuse at the same time the long as officially designated network platform held a safe campus “international cartoon competition.

the diffuse leisurely has assembled more than 6000 authors, for the more than 18000 works, provide vast amounts of domestic leisure cartoon, in the form of album continuous appear in each big mobile terminal. We have hundreds of millions of monthly read along with the gender, work style includes joke, campus, evil and tong qu. Diffuse leisurely also by comic native advertising, promotional products in the reading, for authors to solve problems. The diffuse leisurely revenue channels for comic authors are: VIP, exclusive published and general mandate (i.e., the exclusive authorized), to encourage the original cartoon author commercialization, actively participate in the comics also opens a cash reward. Diffuse leisurely will help domestic original cartoon author’s contact, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of the author.

published in diffuse fluttering works include “off-line city” “north drift donkey” bel lattice pear etc. Diffuse the founder Hu Junchao the national sun yat-sen university bachelor’s degree; Young entrepreneurs association of guangdong province; Deputy director of the international cartoon contest “safe campus”; Co-founder Feng Jianmin was the first airborne professional managers, alibaba treasure net co-founder; The logical administration, a former vice President. Team members is given priority to with 2.5 yuan young prick silk, from the Internet IT companies technology Daniel.

diffuse leisurely has yet to financing, mainly by the founder team myself into. Hu Junchao tell hunting cloud network, debris time leisure reading comic books, is helpful for young people to accept anime culture, the future graphical cartoons will take the place of boring words, become one of the main form of content presented. Cartoons will be one of the best combination of native advertising mobile Internet era.

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company: guangzhou mirage animation technology co., LTD.

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