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to attendance at first in this article, you greet a picky little ye, here small make up to the table flaming small endowment YangChengXing science essay channel, the following for you to broadcast a new old newsletter.

Beijing standard time on October 9, 2014 in the morning, in the United States to HTC newyork issued two all-new flagship pictures of new equipment, respectively before and after is a double 1300 w pixel lens and double fill light HTC Desire EYE and had taken with wide Angle configuration equipment HTC RE camara.

at the same time, the company has introduced EYE Sense experience function 6.0, HTC One M8 also introduced a lens with 13 million pixels UltraPixe derivative HTC One M8 EYE, and sold in HTC One M8 also speaks through the form of system upgrade to obtain the latest EYE function of experience.

Senior fever the guest officer

you are familiar with, before and after the HTC can provide double 1300 w pixel bi-color led more or less as the fill light have oppo n1 autodyne twitter to upgrade, and form a complete set of EYE experience before and after the function of the main camera on a samsung galaxy model is arcade today also can’t let a person feel the doctor. So, to transfer the line of sight, the exotic seek the differentiation.

the device although be massaged into a new generation of “take artifact” but it can not be convincing, truly satisfied. After all, the logic of autodyne is beautiful skin quickly, the appropriate functions, convenient and upload your social circle, HTC to set-up is to what extent, this 1600 w pixel image algorithm and how to optimize the display pixel edge and not let the girls for pore details’ criticisms, I’m afraid that there’s a infinite loop problem, can’t put the raw glass throw girls put himself? So the feel of the product is always very strange, I always feel worried about HTC high-rise, their sales manager haven’t really considered ultrapixe technology from the left before the camera to take camera? Want to know how many enthusiasts to the front-facing camera to crazy.

so, “unique” EYE filled with think the HTC desire EYE is really not “take artifact”, but the video conferences, etc on the cases of absolute is tall, simply change its name “visual words emperor” ok, direct and petty rivals open gap distance, and glitters light blind blind to step into tateishi to view over the sea!

I’m oppo n1

I’m samsung also photographed

underperforming HTC company really have to depend on this little re camara to protect differentiation, savior, isn’t it?

first briefly talk about its performance & amp; Configuration. periscope appearance design, 16000000 megapixel camera, does not support the zoom lens, a 146 – degree wide Angle, support 4 times slower, level of IPx7 waterproof, only a shutter button and switch button to switch to slow motion film and conventional film. The built-in sensor see light will start automatically. Official data of 820 ma battery may be dormant for up to two months, 1000 pictures taken or 100 minutes of hd video. And the machine in terms of color and accessories spatial degrees of freedom to leave consumers have more choice.

Re using the full plastic body, four kinds of color, including orange, blue, white and green. Has special external battery accessories, accessories can be increased 4.5 times after connected to power; Vehicle sucker stent accessories; Wearing a stent accessories; The charging base accessories; Waterproof cover and sling accessories; Bike fixed frame accessories and so on.

at the same time, the operation of the machine is very easy to get started. Because HTC RE as a cross-border products, its main service the needs of the users had taken at any time with, so in order to reduce the learning cost, RE equipped with lens with super wide Angle lens, maximum width of recorded images, and guarantee the quality of filming for under zero manual commissioning requirements can do it the first time enable convenient fast late processing.

and HTC RE still have a month of standby capacity, using low cost embedded motion sensor switch machine hardware, free in the user can get timely response out when shooting. Moreover the fuselage’s largest button located on the back, the convenient user use thumb, short press can be photographed, long press enter hd video shooting mode, through the front of the fuselage button can carry out high speed photography, has reached the effect of slow play, basically simple and quick to meet the demand of the user’s preset a variety of common photo mode.

here, a lot of good to the players I’m afraid I have smelled the device in a candid scenarios such as absolute sense, this price is really want to know pro

for the average user, then $200, that is, to 1240 renminbi price can experience a spy or 007: Tom feel, this price is worth it. And in addition to the candid, re camara several logical basis points on the design to ensure its advantages, promote the words of choose and employ persons is worth buying.

1, cancel the viewfinder, which means that the standby up, volume down , focusing the process is simple, easy to carry and use independent… The advantage of and so on.

2, with no auxiliary touchscreen viewfinder focus and direct equipped with prime lens , but HTC on the lens of Re do the processing of the global focus, the benefits are recorded by the Re scenery there won’t be running coke phenomenon appear, as long as within the scope of the focal length, are all clear. Although can’t shooting macro within 30 cm depth of field is a plus.

3, the same because no viewfinder, HTC for Re equipped with a 146 – degree wide Angle lens almost all of the scenery, can receive the camera toward the general mobile phone front cameras only 88 degrees, the ultra wide Angle lens behind the SONY Z3 and only 125 degrees, so you need not worry completely object is not within the lens you want it.

4, the is really have to say that the advantages of the machine at 1 m deep underwater rated is half an hour can continue to work normally, and the official follow-up launched special waterproof cover can elevate this data jumped clear to 3 meters underwater use 2 hours. In view of the past few years for HTC one series of processing technology of persistent and show the essence of shell artisan spirit, I am willing to believe that these data credibility.

5, because JingKuan problem, HTC RE camara wide-angle tear sheets will bring on both ends of the edge of the fisheye effects, while others see it as a block wide big scene by far focal length stitching wide-angle distortion, but as a general portable portable digital card machine we force on a par SLR two-handed backhand is really has no meaning. Instead, down-to-earth to assume that he is a fisheye effects will remove hidden virgo complex.


automatic synchronization. HTC RE camara is designed under the network environment to directly uploaded to the cloud space or uploaded to other social network, as for the will and the social platform cooperation has not yet been announced, but we will prefer this kind of design idea, to RE we use camara brought a little impulse.

7. open. to our surprise, we found that HTC RE camara not only support used alone and also support the HTC home outside the android model, and even the iPhone, HTC has promised to open the SDK and matching the app, it will be than with the schedule of HTC Desire EYE more attractive to the consumer sales strategy.

8, a variety of accessories with DIY personalized retro bad taste, it is to collect and make public of emperor driven. I seem to imagine a picture, Peter Chou, HTC home inspector with a big head to the speakers we chanted, “intellectuals” machine “you have been surrounded, you has arrived in the territory of picturesque scenery, quick pay surrender!” And then a big wave resulted from accessories like we aggregate over temptation and confused.


9, one hand grip. This really don’t want to seem like that would be an advantage, even you can take the upstairs can free hands to wear accessories when plank brick to shoot me, but I want to talk about is the use of logic problems. Although can be used by remote control but most scenarios or take pictures, and many users complain about one thousand shooting process to the telephone? Is actually not to telephone, we would not like to use camera application kidnapped our portable phones, after all, the frame and the app system application or third party software games all can’t live in harmony, and then look at HTC RE camara one-handed grip wide-angle worry take pictures is experience with revolution, so we put this in the last place said.

then give you the guest officer said that nine big breakfast enjoy according to the logic basis of intellectual property rights to buy deep mining, below in the next, we’ll talk about those who have died and haven’t dead peripherals products, replace with HTC RE camara, do a don’t have refer the date.

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