Different, with YY and 9158 feet (5126 meters) deep plunge into online entertainment played the internationalization

YY foray into online education, 9158 online health layout, the two domestic online entertainment community embodies the business is different. This year, however, the emerging 5126 communities have sunk in the depth of mining development, online entertainment industry and to expand the method of user groups, 5126 one choice is to do business overseas.

on January 7, 5126 with Thai famous entertainment providers ishow to achieve strategic cooperation. It is understood that ishow southeast Asia is the largest supplier of game entertainment, sixteen years of experience in the game industry. In conference, they said, will work together to build covering mainland China and southeast Asia market, covering two core business online entertainment and game online entertainment community. In the strategic cooperation on the same day, 5126 community Thai version of the product is launched, it is understood that the product had already in Thailand for 2 months of trial operation.

through this strategic cooperation, and ishow the first 5126 will reach strategic cooperation on online entertainment content, including content for performing arts, artists resources between the two sides complement each other, mutual integration and channel; The second step is the two sides will extend cooperation to gaming. And 5126 research and development of entertainment hardware devices will also be on sale in southeast Asia market.

5126 co-founder Xu Chuqing said, “at the beginning of 5126 in 2015, all initiated globalization strategy.” And southeast Asia is the first step in 5126 to start the globalization strategy, next, 5126 community will also gradually develops in Europe and North America market, in the domestic numerous online entertainment platform, 5126 is the first online entertainment community to develop overseas market. So, why the 5126 as global head of south-east Asia? Ishow why choose 5126 as strategic partners? The partnership will bring 5126 online entertainment layout?

southeast Asia opportunities

, according to data from southeast Asia at present the overall population of 600 million, equivalent to the overall number of mobile Internet users, China now to consider if the size of population, the potential of the entertainment industry is very large. However, southeast Asia, for example, in Thailand, for example, at present, the development of the entertainment industry is limited in the local, the output of the entertainment culture in overseas is still a blank.

and the market situation is given 5126 and ishow great cooperation and development space. Through the cooperation of both sides, the two sides will convert the performance management mode of offline to online, using the Internet, the southeast Asia local performing arts organizations, artists to more people overseas, which has helped 5126 community added more rich diversity of user-generated content.

according to a 5126 co-founder Xu Chuqing introduces, in early 5126 and ishow cooperation, 5126 in addition to providing products, technology and operating experience, will also provide including anchors and talent training, ishow to artists in the early period of the content will be integrated, and Thailand, and the integration of existing channels of south-east Asia. Next, high quality artist in southeast Asia entertainment content will be produced by the map to 5126 domestic product platform, and the 5126 high quality content is synchronization will be mapped to the offshore platform.

Xu Chuqing said the artist, the online operations of the performing organization will be a big trend, at present in China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, some star concert begin to choose and online entertainment community cooperation, compared with the traditional offline activities, on the one hand, the influence of the line and the spread faster, on the other hand, in a broader network of radiation group, including the audiences all over the world will watch through the network platform, and the attribute of online community make good interaction among fans. We have learned, on December 20, 2014, blues concert had broadcasting in 5126 communities, worked well.

the industry analysis, in the entertainment industry, Japan and South Korea does go ahead, such as Japan AKB48 idol groups, while Japan’s local artists group, but through online communication channels, such as in overseas has a very wide group of fans. And southeast Asia, such as Thailand’s entertainment industry in the local is very rich, but in overseas, lack a foreign output channel, while the 5126 communities and ishow cooperation provides a connection point, the output channel go once opened, will be a huge gold mine.

5126: online entertainment way suitable partners

ishow throughout southeast Asia regional development agency operating games has 16 years, the local game operations, market share has been very mature. Ishow chairman, says Mr Zhang Shu brigade hope can have bigger business expansion ishow, income can also have a new growth point. At this time, listed in 9158 and YY to let them see the online entertainment industry market prospect. “At that time, we consider is, must look for an existing rich operating experience in the industry of online entertainment, and technology partners in the product itself has a certain strength. At that time, 5126 became the object of our first consider “.

Zhang Shu brigade said, compared to 9158 and YY, 5126 product model, genetic properties, users accumulation as a better long-term cooperation partners, to dig in the field of online entertainment and development together. First, 9158 is the main pattern of online show platform, and the tendency to YY more education and games, positioning and 5126 itself is online entertainment community, bearing the contents of the platform, from the outset, has the property of online entertainment, and also as a result, thus accumulated and also for entertainment user groups, and the stars, artists, performing arts groups and 5126, it is based on the product and platform itself have their demand can realize the function point. Users come to 5126, in short, is for the sake of entertainment, for artists to interact with star, do not need education, cultivating and guide; And star artist also is in order to allow fans to radiation broader, through a precise platform for users to gather more fans, and strengthen the interaction with them. And this is an important reason of ishow to see. Second, compared to other online entertainment platform, a complete coverage of 5126 from the outset insisted on channel, covering from the PC, mobile TV terminals, and other terminal users. “At present, the foreign partner, we are only 5126 a.”

and after complete entertainment content of cooperation, and 5126 ishow cooperation in the field of game will be the second step in the strategic cooperation. Online entertainment and game will be the cooperation of two core, also become the main business model of 5126 overseas ventures.

as the first step in the globalization strategy, 5126, 5126 and ishow cooperation mode will be copied to other overseas cities.

Xu Chuqing introduction, in the Thai market, 5126 of the next step is to develop market in Malaysia and Singapore market, Taiwan’s market started at the same time also in preparation. At the completion of southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan market, 5126 has already made a pilot of Italy and Spain in Europe, test the effect is very good, the next step, Canada, north American market also will be the focus of the market. “A good network environment countries and regions will expand, as part of the overseas layout.”

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