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under the great age of mobile Internet, have such a group, their holiday is on September 13, because every year is the 256th day of an 8-bit bytes can represent the number of their favorite words are “time where to go, not a good feeling on the old young”, they move brick wall type code, just to buy a bottle of wahaha, surface known as the developer, it is for the program to apes, according to IDC data report: 2014 to 18.5 million the number of software developers in the world, including 4 development become lovers. Startups Devstore want to do is to serve these developers, hope to make the global developer service shop.

you can use it as a online mall developer, brings together the domestic and international numerous third-party developers in Devstore service, offers developers from the design, development, operations until promotion, such as one-stop integrated solution. If the world code is forest, the SDK is bananas, then Devstore is the banana plantation in the sea, because it will be the whole and the SDK packages available in the market, form a unique niche for developers, application apes do not need to “get Manila”, they can see all in one plate company provide the SDK. Devstore also provides the function of the parameters of the contrast between different service providers, allows developers to learn more about their difference between them. Selected after a certain service, how can I know whether it ok or not? This requires a service evaluation report, it comes from the Devstore professional team and senior user evaluation, through detailed fair evaluation, comprehensive and professional analysis of reference, allows developers to accurately understand a service, to help developers at various levels.

in the second half of 2013, began to appear a lot of developers on the market service, and become the market hot spots, many function modules do not need to separate development, just an SDK can be done, for developers, in its own products into mature functional modules (such as maps, push function, etc.), there is no doubt that moment force soared, but at the same time brings three problems: 1. Too many third-party services, to search for developers spend too much time and energy. 2. In the process of integration service is difficult to solve the problems, I don’t know where to start. 3. Third party service is too much, same type developers can’t quickly according to their features of the product positioning in their products need to third party service. Now, all problems will be resolved in Devstore.

Devstore was established in April 2014, so far, included the SDK service is close to 600, and in every two to three new services included speed update again. Ranging from design and development to operations to promote close to 50 different service category, and is still in increasing, at the same time Devstore also has a group of loyal DEV users, as well as the evaluation member of a group of professional staff. Gender: founder shuang-li wang (female), a veteran Internet, she led her team overall average age is not more than 23 years old, young, vigorous is synonymous with them. At present, Devstore angel rounds of financing has ended, and a new round of financing in the process of being negotiated.

shuang-li wang told hunting cloud network: “the future construction by stages for the users, as well as content matching, we will do more detail, both in design and development stage and operation stage, as long as when their services are the first thought to DevStore search and management. We want to let more friends know what we are doing.”

Company: shenzhen ruler technology co., LTD.

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