Desktop upgrade show weakness, save Microsoft Windows 10 hard

in the morning, on October 1, Microsoft released Windows 10 new cross-platform operating system. Compared with the former generation of Windows, Microsoft seems to be more willing to Windows 10 compared with Windows 7.

Microsoft WP global vice President Joe bell fe ollie, points out that at present there are still millions of users are still using Windows 7, and said the company hopes to let the user more willing to switch to Windows 10, rather like two years ago when switching to Windows 8 feeling unwell. He said: “we hope that all the Windows 7 user can feel this way: they also drove the first generation of prius yesterday, and today the Windows up 10 will make them feel like tesla.”

however, if the user’s prius well-maintained, users will also be in a hurry to buy tesla?

the answer is clearly no. Let’s to talk about why users are reluctant to upgrade the new system.

Win10 window, Windows 7 is still inadequate.

a lot of exposure on the network running screenshots, the new version of the Windows 10 interface between Windows and Windows, new start button makes it both the traditional start menu and magnet interface. In addition, Windows also strengthened the inherited from the Windows of the split screen multitasking, can be placed on the same screen as many as four applications. To a touch screen user Microsoft also strengthened the Charms of the sidebar super button. That need to be full screen Apps to use Modern interface can be opened in desktop form in the form of the window.

this improvement seems to have the advantages of both the Windows and Windows 7, but in fact, for Windows users, inherited from the Windows of almost no value, will only cause interference to the operation of the daily and increase users’ learning costs. Most of the Windows 7 computer does not support the touch screen operation, while the use of the mouse operation Modern interface Apps always let a person feel very unhappy. Although most of the Windows 7 computer compared with the present computer has some backward, but the experience of using on running Windows 7 is not falling. If for the latest Windows 10, in fact, it is difficult to ensure the use of experience, after all that belonged to the desktop system resources and distribution of part to Modern interface, more show distress.

unified platform, x86 and ARM to coexist.

it is well known that the traditional Windows operating system is based on x86 platform, the Modern interface was originally intended to arm-based Windows RT with Windows Phone system design, which leads to the application of Modern interface actually call the ARM instruction set. Although powerful x86 platform can simulate the performance of such work environment, but on the power and performance than ordinary ARM platform and gap, is actually not practical.

although propaganda, Microsoft Windows 10 would be a unified platform, but you don’t hold any run on ARM tablet full-size Windows this unrealistic idea. Conference of the Microsoft has shown is custom fit each platform system, I want to customize what it means, you should need not I say more. Nature or x86 and ARM back to their homes, each looking for mom.

the price is not everything, is the first user habits.

in the Microsoft Windows 10 finally conscience on the pricing of time Windows users to upgrade just $30, can be said to be the lowest in the previous products. But I see another two users buy not said. Don’t know whether you remember when Windows 7 upgrade Windows after a “not compatible”, today launched Windows just two years, each big software vendors are just adapted to the Windows, this time to launch the new system, it is difficult to let users rest assured there will be no compatibility problems. Business users, in particular, “tesla” although luxuriant, but is limited to “recharge”. “Prius,” although old, but “gas-electric” winner-take-all after all.


Windows 7 is one of the most outstanding product for Microsoft, though now for nearly 6 years of age, as an operating system is a big old already, but it is still active in the numerous traditional notebook. Why good old products as a deterrent to new products? Microsoft must reflect on their mistakes in recent years, ignoring the user used to push their strategic this isn’t a world class manufacturer should do.

Windows 10 brings us some welcome change. Start button a new regression reflects the Microsoft paid attention to the feedback of users; The new interface also marks the Microsoft began to return to the desktop, the focus of the product to move back to the desktop. Although there are a lot of compromise and insufficient, but we can see obvious progress.

as a relationship between the international manufacturers of the billions of people, Microsoft’s reform path is not flat, each of us has our own unique needs, but not all, Microsoft can’t satisfy everyone. We would like to see Microsoft will continue to bring new surprises.

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