Depending on the release of virtual reality technology curtilage to change the world, ants products

hunting cloud network on December 9th (word/water Yan)

this afternoon, ant the apparent product launch Beijing, were released connoisseurs – ant ant depending on the helmet, machine VR handset helmet, ant virtual reality VR camera three products, then introduces the four ant sees the future depending on ultra-thin VR headsets will introduce the concept of ants, ant AR glasses, ant HR glasses, optical invisibility.

three product goes on sale conference immediately, and the other four models are also accumulated related technology patents, but also in the stage of the DEMO.

Beijing ant as technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “ant”) was founded in 2013, focused on wearable devices, virtual reality, augmented reality, three-dimensional visual field. The company’s start-up team is young optics, chip manufacturing field research and development personnel.

from conference, CEO QinZheng clearly show technology curtilage, games, full house, secondary yuan culture, understanding of the Internet community culture has a deep, or obsession.

then CEO QinZheng in the conference is from hi, along while of popular science knowledge, then happiness presentation drummed up half a day. Because of middle involved too much technology content, hunting cloud network did not get detailed technical data, temporarily can’t introduce one by one to you. But the development direction, hunting cloud network basically have a clear understanding.

the released along with a pair of hardware products and software products – ANTVR KIT, can complete the software products shows the ant sees ambition:

ant depending on its virtual reality products of sensor, control hardware, through ANTVR KIT packaged into uniform interface, can the whole platform and the traditional game products to good adaptation. In other words, only saw ants products via USB access Xbox, PS, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and so on mainstream platform, just enough to replace the previous game manipulation of the handle, the keyboard and so on for the experience, and does not require hardware, the system to provide the adapter.

ant visual Unity coalition game development platform, launched the SDK in order to get exclusive hardware platform game, to reverse the exposure, the promotion of their products.

that is to say, you buy to inspect products do not need to tangle no specific adaptation of games to play, like the keyboard, plug and play, even the Xbox, PS the repulsive third-party peripheral products, set up nearly ten Xbox game demo). But at present the full keyboard, touch screen operation can not completely replace, QinZheng said this is their direction of next step.

the field experience, ant depending on the release of a few product experience is good, especially in the premise of product development cycle so short. The 3 d effect, picture quality, control sensitivity has reached a practical level.

but in the aspect of picture quality still have a certain amount of astigmatism, large color piece, the typeface edge astigmatism phenomenon, this is the most prone to the problem of lens products, but does not affect the experience.

related hardware technical details about ant depending on the product, after waiting for hunting cloud network made sure table again, interested readers can continue to pay close attention to.

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