Declare: the main social applications of anonymous chat


at the beginning of this year, the market has created many anonymous social products at the same time, but to use mobile phone number registered, completely lose on the starting line from the start. What makes the emergence of the “whispers” to guaranteeing anonymity, below, let cloud network hunting with everybody to know something about it.

whispers APP is an anonymous social mobile applications, to provide users with security platform for the tree holes and pour out, belonging to the ocean science and technology Beijing co., LTD. It doesn’t need a phone number login, can’t even access the address book. In addition, the program also built-in combination lock, even if others to get the phone, don’t worry. Cloud network trial found to have direct access to hunting, micro letter logged in two modes. Only provide gender, birthday, constellation of three data shows.

apple is the first release version, after the Appstore online, many supporters, won the 20000 five-star evaluation. According to hunt cloud network understanding, previous versions of the whispers, the user can chat, mutual reply information, but if the two are people with a common language, still can’t better communication. The new me, opened a special line, can to the Mr/Miss Right, or to friends, send messages, better communication between users. Has nothing to do, of course, if you don’t want to be the user’s harassment, “whispers” support set refused to receive private messages. Now, the android version is ready to download.

when the class starts by whispers can share between classmates, roommates, anonymous little secret; At home you can talk to neighbors and neighborhood unknown gossip; After work, can say the “true” to colleagues, boss; Brokenhearted, can receive a heap of emotional experts calm; There are gender intimate question? Through whispers can look at other people really think about these problems.

whispers illustrated set enforcement application information flow more colorful than other anonymous social products. Besides photos and find local images, joined the image search engine, enter keywords can ferret out relevant pictures. Send are marked each wisp distance, time, number of thumb up and discussed, the user can set aside the scope of “listening”, can be 1 km, from across the country have been transferred to the nearby to satisfy the user’s endless curiosity.

details page in whispers, was made into the discussion of this topic, all user comments anonymously, whispers can be used for various discussions and views, if whispers itself is a question, it can even as a questionnaire survey. In order to let the user can continue to communicate between applications with a personal page for the user. Users can see people inside all comments and praise, the sender can and reviewers directly open to chat, and shielding, report and delete these conventional option is also a lack of.

cloud network friendship tips, hunting some whispers can be very dark, please take emergency device, such as instant kyushin pills and so on. But now it doesn’t mean he/she is still so, please don’t personal attacks. Pornography, murder, profits, of course, these topics, or will be purified, responded to an appeal by the state.

whispers team leader Luo Yongxing convective cloud network says, whispers a mature application user supervision mechanism, namely each user is an administrator, when found that bad speech, to report, the system administrator will judge their verification, and to a certain punishment by person, for example to limit access, frozen account a certain period of time, and so on. He said “for the user to build a healthy, safe chat environment easily, are we declare the purpose of the team.” At present, the user has hundreds of millions of, the for a 4 months online product, is already quite high growth rate.

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Company: Beijing sea stars technology co., LTD.

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