Day by day 】 honeycomb CEO Chen Gang guest entrepreneurial public class

cloud network hunting note: given the eleven holiday is coming, for everybody holiday to rest and enjoy the business dry goods balance, 9 issue of hunting cloud network entrepreneurial public class change on Sunday (21) first. This guest is day honeycomb, founder and CEO, Mr Chen Gang everybody don’t miss oh!

this public class we invited to the day of cellular, founder and CEO Mr Chen Gang. The new opportunity for sharing online travel industry.

day honeycomb, launched in 2006, it began operations in 2010, has now grown to the largest travel sharing sites, provides global coverage range of travel guides, travel reviews one-stop information service, for tourists making personalized travel plan. Web sharing and content integration are from real travel information data of tens of millions of users.

day honeycomb co-founder and CEO Chen Gang, is the first domestic senior self-help travelers, as early as 6 years when he worked in sina found online travel market blank, part-time operation day honeycomb, four years later, he left a startup, start full time work day honeycomb. Day of cellular successively issued travel guides, travel translation officer, travel photographer, travel review how APP etc. And in the online hotel booking in June, 2014, began to move the commercialization, in August 2014 day cellular user has more than 50 million, in which mobile accounted for 80%. Is the user covers several top tourist community website. For UGC enterprise, the user is the same at all. At present day honeycomb has completed A total of $20 million A and B two rounds of financing, capital today and get 2 million dollars interest-free loan.

, according to the data of 14 years in the second quarter, China’s online travel market size of 61.41 billion yuan, up 17.1% from a year earlier. By 2015 China will become the world’s largest online travel market in China, in August 14 years UGC online travel sites and users of products covers several day of cellular statistical rankings in the lead. Day of cellular CEO Chen Gang on team “2014 summit also said that day cellular data collected large tourism resources. Under the catalysis of the mobile Internet dividends, online travel will enter the accelerated development stage in China, the online travel is favored by the capital market.

this guests: day honeycomb, founder and CEO Chen Gang
Theme: in current day honeycomb CEO Chen Gang chat travel industry opportunities
Time: September 21st (Sunday)
Location: financial street parkson shopping center CITS changan tower 10 layer camel town (subway station port B) sparkles
Route: out of the subway station B sparkles, along the left hand side parkson to courtyard hotel, take courtyard hotel elevator to 9 floor through the Beijing flavour entrance right on the stairs to the tenth floor.

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17:00-18:00 interactive tea, free exchange
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