Dance the peacock has trace: choose a photographer, taking pictures for children

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the Internet to transform traditional industries, take-out, manicure, washing the car, the door massage have been occupied, but there are a lot of service waiting for being developed. Photography industry, precisely children photography industry trend has changed.

dance the peacock have a mark, can choose the photographer, the door with a mobile APP for children photography. In the application of the user can choose according to different work style of the photographer and make an appointment. Reservation photographer will call to discuss the user requirements and customization project. Requires the use of hat and clothes, pillow, toy can choose imported organic cotton material. On-site personnel and equipment will also require the bacteria isolation and disinfection.

the door commonly taken to be complete, two people now booking photographers and taken to help the door any time. Users can use the APP shot 24 hours online TAB, TAB, 15 days after the completion of the finished product will be mailed to the user to specify the location of the.

this product is the result of “a few really like children of migrant workers on the Internet, a handful of real photography also when art photographer together. There will be a dance the peacock.” Sparks from them for the current traditional child photography agencies we common discontent. For example: package price fraud, pipelining scenarios, rigid machinery, subsequent TAB of the complex, the finished product will have procrastination.

the current dance the peacock have a trace of photographers have their own personal display interface, display images of children have got the permit authorized. In fact need not too much introduction can be found. Compared with offline service outlets, the door of the photographer can meet the needs of personalized service. And the photographer in the application are not professional, but love photography, love children is more show precious selected elements.

the door nail areas there are beavers, doodle manicures, beautiful armor. Door massage have time for bear, private kitchen door with love chef, a good cook. Offline not standardized services actually has transformed space, either on the efficiency, either on the service. Welcome at present are different industries are already had been turned, good services, is the chance of O2O vertical field.

dance the peacock is
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