Damn traffic, to the fire scene

note: hunting cloud from PC to mobile Internet Internet transformation, the original traffic economic failure gradually, which is associated with how to build a new business system, around the scene during the build process should follow the principles of how? The following is a source of science and technology, co-founder of Duan Xu share an article, all entrepreneurs to provide experience for reference.

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why traffic patterns to die?

the traditional Internet business model based on traffic construction in the mobile Internet appears to be ineffective. PC Internet age, average daily millions of PV can’t make money, keep not to live team is a shameful thing, but in the era of mobile Internet, daily living millions of APP can support a family, a balance of profit and loss is a thing to be proud of. In mobile Internet battle over the entrance, the second APP in the APP before all lack the strength to fight back, squeezed into N screen, as users had no recollection of the zombie applications, not only have no way to become a portal, but almost was thrown out the door.

as a single focus on short time, pay attention to high frequency of the fragmentation of serious equipment, banner AD is outrageous. Dare to put banner ads in the main program interface, the user can run faster than rabbits. Christmas Eve cheat girl still have to buy an apple, say morris, kreis mas, lying to the user is so simple and crude in interface is a plus, people will point in addition to slippery owe hand cramps, estimates that didn’t also what other reason. In today’s a stool to intelligent, flow of the business model is simple and crude, so this is the reason why the hell.

from competition for entry to the competition scene

ali and tencent has deeper thinking in curry favor with the user. They know, users and the influence of the mobile terminal to really push back sister principle is consistent, is to build a she has reason to be demolished is my sister. So they spent a lot of money, in order to build a user take a taxi, then pay with their logical tool to pay. Drops and fast competition, in essence is ali and tencent on construction payment scenarios. Another Chinese Internet another has proven business model – an example of the game. Build a scenario, it would have to make the game designer for big R to pay to play really, think about it, if not carefully designed pay those points, does not have the scene using human weakness, users from pockets can pay so good? True when all my people are sicong, rich willfulness.

leading position in the current domestic mobile Internet, notting have is not to build the scene. Devoted to devoted to envelop the micro letter into Wall Street, the most essential reason is that he helps users to build a distinct and micro letter stranger dating scene – about guns. Millet in establishing their empire of intelligent hardware at the same time, also all or forget to build a user can use the millet mobile phone for a variety of operating scenarios. The success of tencent game and its importance to the construction of the social scene affect gameplay associated, ali is through their own perfect ecological service all the time to build pay treasure payment scenarios. As the upcoming scene revolution, puts it, the Internet for the flow rate and inlet, and the mobile Internet era for the scenario.

need to cover for scene, but need more ingenious methods

behind a successful APP must have its own set of methodology of constructing scenarios, but these methods would follow a few core principles:

a, the process of constructing scenarios to natural

360 mobile guards when receive insufficient flow remind message will guide users to buy flow package, that flow package buying scenario building is very natural, let users are more likely to accept, and assistant teacher younger brother mobile gate every day constantly push on downloading applications to users notice, is to let a person tired. Scenario building should, therefore, naturally, the user feel down and trigger appropriate conditions, rather than out of thin air. Recent article “outside WeChat accurate message service” article, mentioned people are already using some open news such as text, to help build scene, is also a kind of more natural, not provoke the user antipathy to marketing scenario building forms.

2, build the more specific the details of the scene, the greater the impetus of user

ctrip had cooperation with Pacific insurance sales flight delay risks on its APP, but not many buyers, the main reason lies in the construction of ctrip bought insurance scene is not specific enough, lead to the low driving force to the user. Imagine that you are buying one flight ticket, APP will display the purchase risk button at the same time give the flight was delayed rate is as high as 75%, the user purchase rate can improve? Author of the force of habit, Charles, Charles duhigg think reach (cue) is a key link in the process of habits, and in the embodiment of the reach of more specific content, will help to strengthen the impact of the user and the formation of habits.

three, build scenes should use external contact more

it is well known that a mobile phone there are up to 80% of the APP is not used by users think of at ordinary times, so even within the application designed very perfect scene construction system, but the user is not active use, these scenes will not affect the user. In the mobile phone use environment, there are a lot of scenarios, with contact. Location information, notification bar messages, messages can be as the contact of the scene. And text messages, it is most abundant as scenario-based touch point content, is forgotten by the people of one of the most thoroughly. Can use bank bills SMS, easily construct an installment payment, can use the ticket SMS, construct a destination hotel, you can use utility bills SMS, to build a mobile payment, let the user get into the habit of pay with pay treasure or WeChat. Read your messages, you can easily come up with a lot of scene, but have not been built all these scenes, squandered the by, everyone has for the entry of the mobile Internet, slug. But the major mobile phone manufacturers and super APP has already begun to movement, lenovo’s latest products have been launched in my address book scene text function, provide contextualized service model is a start-up company small source technology, cooperation with the manufacturers to develop their plans have been ranked in the second half of the year. This shows, in 2015, under the trend of the smartphone market growth is slowing, vendors for these can provide a better user experience, also can better build your O2O closed-loop enthusiasm service is how.

bloodthirsty shark always can smell a faint smell of seawater, vigorous petrel, always felt the rain will come in time. In this rapidly changing IT, only has the keen insight, to the next wave comes to adjust their attitude, or even an unbeatable vessel may also be overturned. Depend on the flow of PV age has in the past, based on the scenario trigger (SceneTouch) scenario era has come, if the giants are still stuck in the past, don’t embrace the scene, was after the wave on the beach is minutes away.


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