Cut flowers express flower: to take a taxi mode to send quickly

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the flower industry, some people choose from the flower itself, players have roseonly, fauvism, magic, etc. Some people choose to connect to the flower shop, do flowers express flower delivery services such as mobile APP.

do flowers distribution site has quite a few PC, B2C class, there is also a main city distribution class. Mobile terminal flowers known to do fast send a shopping districts, love flowers, order flowers, etc. Why the Courier cost. Mainly because of its different gameplay and similar products.

Courier take the class mode: the taxi users pick flowers category, choose the consignee, location information such as order, express delivery of flowers around the user orders pushed to the businessman, florist side quickly grab single in the background, packaged flowers to complete delivery.

tell hunting cloud network team, express delivery of flowers have covered a second-tier cities in China. Have special offline team to find the florist in different cities. For the user choice dyslexia, platform to show more flowers belongs to the category of standard. So don’t worry about offline store is sent to the hands of the flowers and photos have differences. On the screen has been filtered to the flower shop, flower shop must have formal qualifications, flower quality, delivery time shall be strictly observed. Or it will reduce the florist ranking of the background, at the same time, the evaluation of users will affect flower shop on the platform of credibility.

on the florist response, the Courier take the standard is hundred seconds response, flowers in the same price and sometimes the market price is lower. Now also support 15 days in advance reservation, can enjoy more discounts.

express delivery of flowers as a mobile phone a pint APP, meet the demand of the scene of a wide range of long distance and local lover, Chinese valentine’s day, visit the sick, pick up demand need flowers services such as a short time. Even more interesting is in the Courier take baidu post bar, operating personnel to make a “undertakes to SMS 】 【 want to say what, I help you to TA!” Activities, interactive, a lot of operation is very grounding gas.

Courier cost belongs to nanchang yuan science and technology, all products is baidu jiangxi agent marketing service center (Jiang Xihua bond) is a wholly owned subsidiary. Calculate internal start-ups.

digression, most Internet companies more give priority to with 2 b business, such as web development, WeChat development, operation WeChat generation, etc. The Internet penetration to regional entrepreneurial ecology. Talent, the policy is important one annulus.

Courier take
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