Cultivate entrepreneurs to grab from a student, please keep in mind that this article 5!

in recent years, with the development of social economy, “self-employed” is no longer Arabian nights, entrepreneurial boom across the globe, business people increasingly younger, more accessible. In today’s entrepreneurial force, most is the school or graduate student, for the entrepreneurial passion and thoughts of students with entrepreneurial support is the school, society and government must do.

the film “the social network” to introduce the public to the ordinary youth entrepreneurial success story, zuckerberg during school will start a business, and set up billions of dollars worth of company. Now more and more entrepreneurs tend to be younger, American Moziah Bridges when he was nine years old is set up his own startup, operate tie business worth $150000.

such young entrepreneurs appear not only in the United States, Europe’s young generation is also rise up the wave of entrepreneurship. Not long ago, was only 14 years old from Ireland Jordan Casey just released his third game. When we are at the age of 13, we also began to make development at school, but the team server hidden in the school physics laboratory. Many people believe that “entrepreneurial spirit” can help children to learn in life after related skills, so the children early education will feel entrepreneurship, the better.

the school and policymakers can through the following five ways to promote a new round of young start-ups:

1. Select business case, broadcast

as adults, the best inspiration in life is to follow and learn from other people’s case. Richard Branson, for example, he built the virgin empire was originally from a phone booth; And Elon Musk only in a very simple way to target specific consumer groups, makes the tesla become a beautiful scenery line in the edge of the car industry. This child is the same reason, they also are used to draw lessons from others.

the children mentioned above should be guided by the young entrepreneurs are like Casey, really have a heart of entrepreneurs. Although Casey could not attend every school, convey to you his passion and ideas, but now the science and technology so developed, both Casey and other young entrepreneurs speech and thoughts can be found on YouTube.

as an educator, you need to do is to guide their venture, can be used as a classroom content, also can be used as homework.

2. To learn more things beyond programming

earlier this year Britain will introduce a programming course outline of education of primary and secondary schools, which means that the school education important changes, but this is just one small step for a start. Although programming is an important skill on future career path, but first it will not solve a series of questions around looking for a job.

the key to business flourish in the past decade due to the recession, lead to people who had a steady job began to think about how to maintain stable economic income. This momentum is in the next 10 years will not necessarily change, in addition to learning to program, the students also need to learn more things to be successful. Such as marketing, brand, finance, histology, leadership ability and the knowledge of the other makes an entrepreneur, and those few will and must pass a long time to learn to have skill.

of course I don’t mean refers to children under the age of five should suit, pretending to be Alan Sugar, but for the future career paths have various understanding will help the next generation.

3. Provide entrepreneurial guidance and entrepreneurial opportunities business contact

technology entrepreneurship is the current focus of the attention, but this is not the only way to business. If business will be part of the curriculum, the pure science and technology entrepreneurial mindset will have to change. The street not only independent coffee shop operators are entrepreneurs, local plumbers and entrepreneurs, likewise, carpenters, construction workers, the repairman are entrepreneurs.

in our towns and villages is filled with entrepreneurs, they have superhuman skills and willing to share. Should schools for students interested in the project to open interest to guide society, local business leaders should be supported, foster a new force.

4. authorized business school business corporate

to teach children to entrepreneurial skills, must be in a fun way. Ownership by giving children let them really into it, and inspire their creativity.

school is now equipped with such as debate club, news agency and the motion picture association of society, but if the students have more choice, they can not only learn leadership skills, marketing knowledge also can exercise the creativity and growth.

these practical tasks tend to drive the initiative of students, arouse their potential. While students show ego platform in addition to learning, there are a lot of opportunities, such as a student with reading disabilities may have a chance to the motion picture association design posters for the school.

in the initial stage, even if be a school-wide contest platform is also the students exercise skills. We should encourage schools to carry out apprenticeship more competition, let the students learn in practice, rather than relying on entrepreneurship and books.

5. Reward success, draw lessons from failure

The biggest support for the student entrepreneurship

school lies in the existence of the school itself, if a student want to business, can the school do to help? The current resource is scarce, although the school is hard to find much more resources, but if anyone can introduce entrepreneurial atmosphere on campus, this will be for any one school is a huge wealth.

for us, is the teacher help us interest of flame, which in turn trained beyond the interests, the government can do is to provide entrepreneurial guidance power for our school. With these people, the idea of the entrepreneurial passion of the students can not only get a response, also can get the guidance of the strategic advice, someone in the wrong direction when also can pull them out.

entrepreneurial guidance about mentioned just now, we have a lot of schools and enterprises, they can learn from each other. These provide entrepreneurial guidance is not a teacher, exactly say they are currently successful entrepreneur, can guide the future entrepreneurs.


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