Crowned “outbreak comic” : he believed that nobody see entrepreneurs to smile behind the tears

bing xin said that successful flower, people got only longed for her at the moment, Ming yan, but when her yaren, soak the struggle leiquan, possessions on the blood rain of sacrifice. Cheezburger is also such a flower after the baptism of wind and frost. Here, let us was breathless, listen to Ben Huh tell their entrepreneurial story.

hello, I’m Ben Huh, is also the online entertainment company’s CEO Cheezburger humor. In 2007, we founded the company, at the same time introduce relevant humor website I Can Has Cheezburger, online a lot of pictures of cats also captured the “heart”. At present, we have been in the dozens of humour, site, and not long ago we officially launched an iOS app. At this moment, I am very proud, in the case of a story I want to share with you the next, it is not for the application of alternative.

Internet funny pictures sharing platform CheezBurger is a Fried egg, similar to the domestic blunders that encyclopedia, outbreak cartoons funny sharing sites, was founded in 2007. Cheezburger contributing to the earth of the cat (LOLCats), cup with silly (FAIL Blog), and other network popular element deficiency (Meme) and let them get spread worldwide.

I want to talk to you detailed thorough the application of the growth. Although the design of application is to bo people smile, but it progress of technology and concept is by no means for this purpose. However, I think it is the story of an ordinary instance of entrepreneurship. However, for me, this project is “sin” .

entrepreneurs often only share the good news of new products and satisfied, and concealed the “obstacle” can’t “culminated difficulties, seems this is the tacit understanding that the conventional no time reveals the celebration meeting. In fact, every new product has a history of bitterness.

in 2007, Cheezburger to the identity of individual entrepreneurial company, also in my room, its starting point is buying ICHC grow up. A few months later, the staff, the entire team has also moved to a small office in Seattle. Through acquisition of reconstruction and funny website, such as Know Your Meme and FAIL Blog, the company scale is further expanded.

we will continue to expand, until success gathered into perfect humor site empire. We pursue excellence, also pay attention to scale effect, more willing to try new ideas at the same time. Of course, the company’s growth accelerated.

in 2011, for the first time we venture investment, Cheezburger is to raise the $30 million of dazzle people. Then with the aid of the funds, Cheezburger started like family funny website creation of chain industry, and has led to another round of a wide range of investment in the media frenzy. Vision and our funding is based on the following, namely, to build a platform of anyone can show a sense of humor. We have been in the mixing characteristics of platform, not to let the user simply publish new stuff, but let them voluntarily offer their ideas.

but capital raise, I lost. As a result, three years of useless and a waste of money. And only in the past four months, I really make a difference, try to develop the new application.

in short, we don’t know what they are doing. By selling advertising, t-shirts, books, and even in the United States television reality shows, our profits rising every year. However, we don’t know how to use the money in a bank account. And, more importantly, we also don’t know how to turn a building and provide multi-user web team into a comprehensive platform of the company. On the surface, we will be the number of employees tripled.

however, after pay cash to the original investors began to $30 million to a few 4 million. Considering the venture capital standards, the difference is small, but for a haven’t found the direction of the venture company, seems we are in a chaotic capital loss in the dilemma.

in 2011, when hiring spree for several months, I had a discuss next chief technology officer:

I asked bluntly: “the speed of our products to promote?”

the CTO admits: “we are busy hiring, don’t release any product.”

I was speechless.

there are always some stage, need the CEO to strong interference in the employee’s work, reset the work target. Especially in this fast-paced, competitive industry, the employment of all reason is to spread new ideas and progress faster. If we don’t publish product, that is not to be these bills on fire. Imagine an airline said: “we are busy buying new aircraft, so now decided to remove all the routes.” Believe you also can’t help, I’m drunk!

I defend for the team, without too much intervention, income is still rising. And this kind of suspension is a temporary. Because the user support we go now, will continue to lead us towards a new stage. Are employed for each person, we will try our best to compensation.

a few months of delay, in 2012, we moved all the site has its own platform, but the user very disgusted. They complain, this platform a lot less familiar elements. The resulting team divided more and more serious. And my executives fired or is been excluded from the management. The whole team for big changes.

at the end of 2012, I named a new chief battalion, amber dunn, games. She is my type recipes from our opponent that same type community website (AllRecipes) that poached personnel. She is very talented, and worked with all respect and love.

however, hard to imagine her with advanced ovarian cancer.

she have cancer is not a secret. When I hire her, realized that she was treated for a regular and effectively control condition during that period, life is normal. She helped me to set up a new team, and then we conducted a redeployment. Amber his to build a media company (and not just to share and pass on the funny pictures platform) of blueprint. She thinks that we should fully realize the self advantages, namely, a large number of loyal users, convenient transport network and abundant reserve funds.

so, we should focus on building the existing web site, and put an advertisement on this.

when see amber’s proposal, I realized that I have screwed up this opportunity to establish the platform of humor. May I really wrong. So I’d like to try on her mind, even to my subordinate supervisor communicate the idea.

we are very bullish on 2013 years of development, the start in several cities to establish the best advertising sales team, and restore the original input mode, of course, this time have a clear plan.

at the time, and amber is in the hospital, because her condition deteriorated. The company also so chaos. I have the energy, enthusiasm and a lot of product ideas. But, for according to the above strategy to promote advertising sales, I have no idea. Can’t, in April, we laid off a third of the employees, including resign amber, because when she was in the hospital for treatment. After, we will go to take care of her and make her smile. But, your guilt and didn’t reduce, because it can’t change your fired the fact that a terminally ill patients in hospital.

a few months later, amber, dunn died, leaving her husband and daughter together. And yet, I will still ask yourself, is to cut one of her life “murderer”.

Cheezburge story would have at that time is over. Lay-offs, left some talented personnel. But, thankfully, there are a lot of people stayed. But, at that time, I also suffering. In one of my investors brad feld persuasion, I began to refer to an adviser to the CEO.

consultant, won’t make you feel better, because it’s not their responsibility, they are doing is to help people understand the current situation. And you seem to be in this bad situation, the powerless, can only be called a “fuck!” In New York, I sat at my appointment consultant Jerry Colonna sofa, first to others, to oneself, open the deepest fears.

“I don’t know what to do to remedy.”

“I may not fit the company’s chief executive.”

“may I what killed the murderer of amber.”

in order to overcome the fear, I have to obey it, understand it, let it out completely.

I realized that I actually very frustrated, both for the crappy platform to build, and the waste of the behavior of investors money very guilty, also for himself in the unfortunate event of amber played identity and anxious. In a word, I can’t do it to objectively examine the company situation.

however, I gradually understand, anything will not change in the company still has a lot of people love the fact that we. We can return is to let people around the world every day a happy heart. The direction of the loss is only a temporary setback. At the same time, in order to make it a temporary event, I won’t be stuck in the past, prick shrouded my heart depressed haze has become inevitable.

in 2001, a failed for the first time, I struggled to put out the depression and suicidal thoughts. And 2013 seems worse, but I won’t in the dark and helpless position again. For many entrepreneurs, business is equal to life, it is dangerous and inviting. If you really believe that you and the business of business is the integration of, then once it failed, could you also collapsed, instead it’s success will give you unlimited sense of accomplishment. But your pay will not necessarily have a return.

the first time I try to comb their two identities by failure. This is my first time to speak publicly about the event layoffs. This is undoubtedly the embarrassment and failure is isolated, all blame to me, negation, criticism, continuously emerging.

whether acquaintances or strangers, they scold you, “big jerk, big liar, the robber”. You is the world’s economy, moral and social stigma scapegoat.

once to publicly conceded defeat, then you will have no choice, only to move on. I also considered resigning, but eventually gave up. I think I can do for investors and employees at least one thing, is to hold on, correcting the mistakes of the original, not the kui’s enthusiasm for them.

the third time, I once again to form a new team, and stick to the original idea, to beat Cheezburger cause everyone can show their unique humorous platform. In September 2013, I named Scott Moore, President and chief operating officer for the company. However, back to the original idea of process is very difficult. First of all, I had to appeal to investors, raise even more money. Then, let the existing team members believe that this is a worth of idea idea, and I am also a trustworthy leader. Also, I must find new executive can find its potential. As a driver, I want to command it better. It is not easy.

I tell you all this, is not in order to gain sympathy, also do not regret for their actions. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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