Crowdsourcing open source project recruit the Assembly platform, you can make money open source projects

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the benefits of the open source movement is a man of talent provides free environment, people get a better resource for project planning. Before the open source movement is only applied in the field of software industry. However, with the startup of the Assembly platform, more and more industries can be added to the raise in the open source movement, let more people to show their talent and get the reward.

the open source movement has produced some of the world is the widely used software, the huge economic interests made by a group of people, but their outstanding works lacked the corresponding returns. Of course, these are just in the computer industry. They will always be a relatively small group. But now, this situation may improve soon, one by the name of the Assembly in San Francisco start-up companies are trying to change all that. Company through the development of the open source model, not only open in the code, and also can achieve on profit sharing. Company announced recently won a $2.9 million round of financing, the money will be used to extend the platform.

Google user experience designer David Kaneda when planning their own private project Buckets, he tried to dig everywhere he needs of talents. When did not find the Assembly, he said, I’m really disappointed, because there is no way to open source within the ecosystem of some economic returns. By using the Assembly service, he can set different tasks and reward mechanism is distributed to the Internet, if people think they are fit for the task and can very quickly, can collect the task. The Assembly can not only make contribution to encourage more people project, can not only a kind of industry, contribution of rich and varied content, such as marketing, design, planning and research, etc.

in the Assembly of such platform, like Kaneda part-time person can take any number of open source task, he may have to do this: to design a new logo, or design an email marketing solution, or is the study of one of the best cloud hosting solution, for example, if some items are not for external financing or equity, the Assembly allows project custodian provide compensation in the form of future income percentage and the distribution of the income stream processing.

the Assembly will be the future of the open source movement direction

the Assembly of this style is a bit like New York, a Quirky company, the company is a the raise innovation platform. Through gathering a large group of ideas come from all walks of life, as a new product. The driving force and Quirky, the Assembly from its community, at present, in the Assembly of the community have designers, engineers, marketing experts even lawyers have also joined the community. These people can contribute own strength for more than half of the project, and the work is done through the remote.

a Belgium has been contributing to a lot of projects on the Assembly of the developer’s Wesley Lancel writes: “I think the Assembly such patterns will dominate the future of the open source movement. People can not only contribute in open source software, and then to make the open source software better, in return, is free to use the open source software. People can now work for the whole company. Is not only contribute code, can also help the company, and set the direction of the efforts for the company, take the practical strategy and eventually help the company to the top of my success. In return, is not only able to get better software, or more and more people use the code you write, but to really enjoy the equity of the company.

from the currency world from “chain”

the Assembly are learning COINS some technology of the world, to help the project or product Shared property. The Assembly the founders Matthew Deiters explained: “this is a kind of virtual currency mode, use” App Coins “to measure the ownership of the product chain block, but the property is different from traditional concept of the company’s equity. It can not be transferred or sold. It can be used to determine the individual’s income, as well as in the vote on used as can verify ownership control.”

every project has a core team, the team proposed the Assembly the original idea. And decide what tasks need to be done, how much each task value in App Coins. Anyone can own contribution for the project without permission in advance, this model is a reference to the open source model, like many large open source project, the project is decided by the core team is passed or rejected. Here, the Assembly activities serves as the platform, as well as financial and legal aspects of the housekeeper.

Deiters referred to in the email: “technically in this form is not a company. They are not independent entities, but on the Assembly platform of a group is committed to developing a software product. We also just deal with some necessary things, so they can run some distributed business, such as taxation, finance, etc. I think the relationship between the project participants of the relationship is more like a partner, because there is a place for every contributor, can give full play to the personal special skill, and can acquire the information of the whole project operation all operation.

add open source spirit to a wider world

the Assembly was founded in 2013, so far, has launched five software project, and the project has more than 4 million users. And there are more than 50 project is now being applied in the development platform. And of course, now only two products since its launch profitable, so the platform will be able to inspire people to participate constantly contributes own strength still has a long way to go.

to be involved in the Assembly of financing rounds of Union Square Ventures technology investors Brad Burnham said that open source software set off a series of scattered, eager, bottom-up innovation. These for software engineers is a very good thing, but now, there is no good way to let the developers and designers, product managers, marketing or sales personnel perfect cooperation. The Assembly for more rich software project cooperation provides a platform, for the behavior of the open source provides a wider range of opportunities in the field of more.


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