Crowdsourcing data processing, CrowdFlower let you handed the tedious statistical work to others

mentioned algorithms, lenovo to produce huge amounts of data, and we often ignore the data maintenance and cleaning, but are required to complete the work, that sometimes even want to burn the report. CrowdFlower is working on the package is used to simplify the process, the company announced today that have a combined $12.5 million in order to perfect service.

big data sounds great on the surface, each company will have a large sales figures and personnel statistics database. But always some data may be placed in the wrong field, there will be a certain field is blank, or incomplete information, is not correct. You can’t count on the machine to deal with these kinds of problems. All these problems need to be manually.

this is the meaning of CrowdFlower. Have 5 million people it is a network platform, to provide users with clean data and group data of the paid service. Need service company working in the website content, someone will according to the field he is good at take the corresponding work.

“we have at least 5 million people involved.” CrowdFlower spokesman Kelly Mayes in an interview, it is pointed out that “both ordinary full-time mother, also has a high degree of professional.”

service projects can include search relevance optimization, data classification, image annotation, audit, emotional content analysis, metadata, create, real-time transcription, etc.

the company lists the client list, eBay, Edelman, from us, Home Depot (Home Depot), VMWare and Venuelabs in columns.

this round of financing is a Canvas Venture Fund, to participate in the investment of Bessemer Venture Partners and at Trinity Ventures are for existing investors. This time the total investment will be the company finance up to $28 million, will be used to help the company improve the service quality and expand the customer base.

“we CrowdFlower was founded five years ago, in order to solve data scientists pain every day and time consuming war.” Chief executive, said Lucas Biewald said in a statement on Wednesday.


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