Cross talk less “artillery”, more scientific “feelings”

(text/Lin Zhang)

a hammer technology at present is in trouble. Since the old hammer T1, released on May 20, this year has been half a year, but sales is pale, has sold more than one hundred and twenty thousand only. The apple was sorry by Mr. Luo is sales frenzy, as old as millet meizu, hammer mobile phone sales also nearly as well; Even with almost the same time issued a mobile phone sales and break through the millions. The hammer cannot seem to hammer out a piece of day, but smashed his own feet. Mr. Luo to give fans a tranquilizer, need a that signals to the outside world. So the entrepreneurial story of an idealist speech is practice on the blacklist, but its meaning is in the most significant.

the curtain call of speaking, the whole tone of the Lord is “seriously, capricious. Speech old understanding of reality and self criticism review; But Mr. Luo is trying to say is: although our T1 encounter cold, hammer, though all the difficulties, but we’re still strong alive, investors still bullish. I old to Mr. Luo from guns into the hammer the CEO of science and technology, shut up to behind the scenes to do a quiet man; Naturally proud, but I still my hammer is “standing at the crossroads of science and technology and the humanities” the intersection of product. Fans, if in the future period, such as me T2 to change the world. You guys just enjoy wayward to buy buy buy!

although slightly long story, but old words strong affinity and sense of humor, the whole quip staggered. If the single from the Angle of crosstalk, the speech is to let a person see more enjoyable. But want to solve the difficulties in the hammer technology, I think a speech alone is not enough.

what do wrong, luo artillery inadvertently avoided

in the past six months what do wrong?” , Mr. Luo will be the past fault boils down to: one is the supply chain control, production is difficult due to willful, miss gold sales period; 2 it is based on the overconfidence of self, the ego personality about entrepreneurs should be rational, in the old revolutionary new problems when dealing with amateur, lead to network media and public opinion guide and the control strength is insufficient.

these two is indeed a hammer problems of science and technology, real, supply chain and product production difficulties caused large extension of new products, consumers return a single rate soared; Network evaluation is not high, and the eye, former ogle from brother is known, a against youku on the top of the “mass xiang” farce, let its won the debate and completely lose poise. Coarse, hammer technology T1 is more than ten dismal sales was due to old self summary of the two. But from the marxist philosophical education grew up we see a problem to a comprehensive, to analyze problems to use the combination of internal cause and external cause of materialist dialectics. Materialist dialectics thought: things change development is the result of the internal cause and external cause, internal cause is the development of things change according to the external cause is the things change development conditions, external cause by internal work. So as a mobile phone, what internal cause, external cause is what? We all know that. So in my opinion, the capacity is insufficient, the media and public opinion is the cause but can’t be the root cause of the T1 dismal sales; The fundamental reason lies in the hammer T1 own excellence is not enough, it is also the core competitiveness of no can’t afford old promises to users expect.

China mobile phone industry into a vicious marketing problem. We help promote tactics; In the early release its propaganda the sense that gives a person is not others, I only newbier nima, innovative unique, second to second day. Higher audience expectation, attention, and the actual release is mediocre, was a disappointment. Such a vicious cycle of actually greatly disadvantageous for handset makers. But in order to attract attention, and also is drunk.

hammer mobile phone. Mr. Luo considerably since it announced an inter-bank makes mobile phones, a layman in science and technology industry, since founded a hammer technology. Borrowed this trick, in order to attract attention, Mr. Luo to boom up mobile phone industry, international brand apple, nokia, samsung, domestic brand millet meizu, and so on are the innocent; Apple clause for the giant of township enterprises, called nokia design ugly; And millet is sacred type marketing, meizu is bumpkin science one. Mr. Luo’s comments out of line, let the wicked hate, love to hug. But Mr. Luo didn’t control the marketing that marketing too hard, too, will be the audience to hammer mobile came forward to high level, but the reality of the products can not load the expectation. Hammer T1 does not appear the industrial design of fooling, is full of good design consistent; Its software system changed the icon, although have innovation, but they can’t afford the important task of pleasant user experience; Although want to solve some of the pain points, but the reality is not satisfactory operation; Its high above the price also can not stand the baptism of reality, cause feelings ground value. This is the failure of hammer T1 mobile phone.

shut up be quiet man can bring change

old is a devastating artillery. Had been there, one person is worth five professional public relations company. Hammer technology were introduced, largely because Mr. Luo the cannons of personal charm. But Mr. Luo said he was going to shut up, don’t capricious, CEO, he had to do to go behind the scenes. To prepare weaken personal, strengthen the team strength, with a team to make company. The microblogging, micro letter account to a special public relations team is responsible for. Mr. Luo if make this shift, may make the hammer technology into a dilemma, advantages and disadvantages with the deposit.

its disadvantage is that birds of a feather flock together, birds of a feather flock together, actually we are buying a product, and not a lot of reason analysis, to be more emotional. The purchase of electronic consumer products as well. We like a particular brand, may be based on the design, may be based on the price, nature also have based on feelings. And hammer the consumers of science and technology, and how many is not based on feelings but really long hammer mobile outstanding good and go to buy? Although Mr. Luo has stressed the hammer mobile phones is not a fan, but in our opinion, the hammer mobile phones is fan, buy a hammer, majority is based on a love of Mr Luo, the feelings. But old not willful, shut up by a special public relations team is responsible for comments, whether can also make the quality of this group of people also said to Mr Luo to dare to love? If I could still extremely topic sex?

it is: one is the change of old cognition, maybe its finally realized that something is along with the gender, is very simple; But really, only to find that is not as simple, want to do and not by mouth can do. The success of a product, apparently by a mouth is not enough, need to have all that he says “the intersection of science and technology and humanities. There must be the height of the hardware and software fit, use of pleasure and based on the reality of brand competitive pricing. Second, hammer technology can put down the gun mouth, reduce industry hostile forces and controversial, let Mr Luo earnestly generation products, manage company team, earnest of the spirit to overcome difficult, make the innovation of the software and use daily pain points.

so, in my opinion, Mr. Luo shut up, although make a hammer lost a lot of, but for a hammer, to make a serious wayward people shut up to play good relations industry, management team and to control the next generation of products of the company; Make real good product than on weibo random review jiangshan, shelling the industry caused by poking fun at more really hate. This for a hammer technology, it is a good thing. So after the experience and lessons in the T1. Hammer technology T2 I personally think that still can with small forward, T1 encountered difficulties in T2 will go less a lot, its sales will certainly want better than T1.

epilogue: this speech is old stand-up funeral, makes the Chinese stand-up was missing a master; But not hammer hammer technology and mobile phone’s funeral, nor Mr. Luo’s funeral. Mr. Luo is still highly attention, its hammer technology still can attract a lot of topics. And the next generation product T2 can bring old notes “the intersection of science and technology and humanities” will be the key to their old can prove himself not only, more will be the key to their hammer technology will continue to exist.

this paper hunting cloud network contributing authors, science and technology industry watchers Lin Zhang from god. Views represent only personal, reprint please indicate the source.

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