Crazy!!! The tesla CEO elon musk will launch 700 satellite construction global network

dispatch of sina science and technology Beijing time on November 8th morning news, the Wall Street journal reported that tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) is considering building a global scale Internet satellite network.

musk is working with WorldVu Satellites founder Greg weiler (Greg Wyler) cooperation, about 700 satellite launch. These satellites will be less than the weight of 250 pounds (about 113.4 kg), about half is smaller than the current minimum commercial communications satellite. The cost of the project is likely to reach $1 billion, or even higher. According to the report, the project “is still in the forming stage, at present not sure musk will participate in”.

musk, capsules may be responsible for the satellite launch, but the parties have not yet reached any agreement at present.

use aircraft to realize Internet coverage is not a new concept. In April this year, Google is better than Facebook in the bidding, completed the company Titan for unmanned aerial vehicle Aerospace acquisition. It is reported that Google will use these unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) provide Internet services in remote areas. In addition, Google is conducted using aerostat itself Internet coverage Project Loon Project.

it is clear that musk has many new ideas. Last year, musk issued a so-called “Hyperloop” plan, construction of high-speed train between San Francisco and Los Angeles. A year later, however, there is no related practical work. (a sail)

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