Cow school net: avoid mediation, transparent DIY platform to study abroad

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at present, online education market blustery, entrepreneurial projects emerge in endlessly, entrepreneurs to try all kinds of teaching methods and the business model of exploration, want to use a new way of teaching mode, method, technology tools to make learning more happy, and efficient. In this new wave of online education, industry growing niche value, such as study abroad niche, increasing the number of study abroad, study abroad industry market is also growing. It is understood that the current study in China industry industry reached 200 billion RMB.

cow school network launched in October this year, studying abroad focus on niche, main disintermediated, support a direct dialogue with the school, students studying abroad is a structured and standardized DIY platform. Juck founder, former kai tak education executives, but in reality he approachable. Hunting cloud network on the day of the interview, he is a black casual wear, the depth of the pupil behind black-rimmed glasses, all show his sophisticated and stable. Juck think that is a just need to go abroad to study consumption, while the vertical population quantity is limited, but high consumption level group, the crowd consumption ability is strong, secondly, the current study abroad is given priority to with the mediation and consultancy, and such traditional education institutions and there exist certain disadvantages to the allocation of resources, information asymmetry, cow school network and Internet thinking, perhaps to a certain degree of change that.

juck said, “cow school net only do platform, resolute don’t do mediation.” Juck knowledgeable in the field of study in more than 10 years, has the rich experience, understand the manipulation behind the agents, the study abroad industry serious asymmetry of information; “Mediation” zero “banner, the number of customer service for each customer to do less, it is actually a concept in its form. And cow school network using one of the Internet, the student himself the whole process of operation, support for students and school direct dialogue, transparency and open attitude and efficient to solve the problem of the reasonable matching the customer needs and high quality consultants, forming a light mode study platform. Juck said, “zero mediation does not change the nature of the mediation, zero intermediary and traditional agents is still standing on the same starting line, even zero intermediary institutions far more resources than the traditional agents, however, how this competition?”

at present, the study of the DIY hat platform, in fact, the essence behind or agents, and consultants. Cow school net on the DIY, always adhere to the study platform for the main line, the good and evil people mixed up of BBS information structured, standardized and open, the whole study in industry chain integration to the platform. Cow school webmaster to play two points: first, in the early on students of campus planning do a more detailed elements, including national/professional/colleges, students’ personality characteristics; Second, many study abroad do similar information website is not all the information transparency, only open the part of Zhang Chaoze is to process all the information public.

under the Internet thinking, in both community platform, user traffic is the fundamental law of survival. Cow school net on the cultivation of the early users, mainly WeChat public accounts, weibo fans and BBS cooperation way. WeChat, for example, as of now, “laocha100” juck WeChat public, there have been 12000 fans, growing at a rate of 20 to 30 a day, and the fans and the trend of growth, is the foundation of do cow school network. Do study in industry “fans economy”, cow school net on the user viscosity, mainly from two aspects with experience and content, at the same time support students whole free services.

in order to “alive”, the cow school network set up several profit points. Is mainly the following two kinds, one is the part in the student DIY, although most of the free service, still set some pay value-added services, 2 it is to implant a small O2O project, by agents and agents or cooperation with bank and the school, a commission, cattle do third party school net media, supervision and complete, not satisfied with the service, cow school network is responsible for all. Juck convective cloud network said, “profits just in order to survive, the free line will not change all the time, these two approaches are currently generating income, can deal with the company’s daily spending.”

cloud network hunting small make up that cow school network platform model is novel, but it is not realistic to whole interconnected will, after all machine language cannot be completely carrying the human brain thinking; Second study abroad all Internet consumption habits, and users in a short time, it is difficult to form, these are cow school network faces challenges in the future. “After so many ups and downs, let me bring unique comprehension of entrepreneurship, we won’t eager to seek progress, down-to-earth, also won’t consider cow school net future development will be how to, as long as can think again after ten years did something interesting things to yourself and I did meet.” Juck finally said

project: cow school net

time: October 2014


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