Cow attracts: only a programmer “ape question bank”

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if Angle of press reports, the story should be like this: in alibaba listed on the eve of the departure, give up millions of equity resolutely resigned entrepreneurship. Slightly LOW, but still feel this way. Normal story should be like this: are former colleagues, team members also scattered around a month ago a part-time do products. A month after you resign from now the owner came to Beijing huilongguan at home business.

weibo, head of the person wearing a belt floret leaves to yu, had been doing technical experts in alibaba. Their current start-ups are cattle, meanwhile, a written examination question bank products online interview for programmers. Image point is: you can understand it as “ape question bank” for programmers.

they put large programmer written examination and interview questions are collected and the early stage of the main is to let programmers exam brush topic reference appendix, late or programmers self test, know oneself completion direction. Leaves to yu tell hunting cloud network, the current interview question there are three main sources: since the grab, user contributions and try to buy. Leaves when he talked to yu also very honest, since the fetching currently accounts for a large proportion, first user contributions amount is very few. Try to buy this mainly and some procedures and online real-time programming questions of cooperation, also supports online programming code, is now a small proportion.

the future leaves yu also dare not now to the mouth to bite dead cattle what attracts the future to make it, seemed to think of it, and big business cooperation, the way of online interview programmers. Or vertical class programmer recruitment website and other cooperation, the user finished a set of interview questions, according to his score, matching the company’s position at the same time provide their insufficient place also some professional books or training institutions. Or walk and class hackers marathon mode, question and field programming high-end programmer training and recruitment. Above idea leaves to yu tell hunting cloud network team, which mode is seem to have a chance to really go, but can’t bite dead now boast, so take care of now. Rich own question bank, scatter interview question database and aggregation, to match the more vertical interview segment question bank, for example, a person wants to test under own PHP power, can suddenly find all of the company on cattle guest PHP related questions, also can do it and it had the test question in chat to the rest of the plate.

we actually don’t want to just brush as a rookie programmer test site, more hope to do a can try to let them know their real technical strength of the website, thus completion themselves and improve themselves. The user is not once is finished, I hope he will from time to time to test yourself.

for hunting cloud network to the cow from paper copyright questions, leaf to yu said: at present most of the questions have been online, we just came by to grab a consolidation and break up. If there really is to let the questions from the shelves, they will consider, first of all, or the company to negotiate, hope can be in a more appropriate way to render the big company interview questions. Simultaneously must face is that we will not be advanced exam and so we are not in order to let the couple to cheat, can only make them training in advance, to know their own shortcomings. And now temporarily haven’t received the company requirements for questions from the shelves.

team, leaves to yu tell hunting cloud network, the current team 6 people, full-time and part-time. 3 people Team are former colleagues, the company has won millions RMB angel investors, investment institutions to temporarily don’t share it. For the development of cattle from the follow-up, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.

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