Could not see the winter spring: Firefox and yahoo hugs to keep warm

hunting cloud network on December 9,

when historians look back the Web with a history of nearly ten years or twenty years, they are likely to put the Firefox browser (Firefox) as one of the most important products in nearly a decade. Firefox is the Mozilla foundation and development of a portable, rapid, simple and highly scalable web browser, is a new type different from Internet explorer browser, besides has the function of the web browser, also include blocking pop-up ads, integrated Google toolbar features, and more features. But according to the current situation, we it’s hard not to worry about the future of the firefox browser.

in its heyday, firefox bully a quarter according to the United States in the browser market; Even worse is that in Europe it almost swept a third of its market scope. Compared with other browsers, the germans still prefer firefox browser. But those figures in most other areas is becoming more and more low. Although the precise data output always depends on your choice of subjects, but the overall trend is the same – Mozilla browser the reality of the situation seems not very optimistic.

at the beginning of the Firefox stagnation, Google introduced Chrome (is an open source web browser developed by Google). I remember the Chrome as early as 2008, obtained for the first time, and its rapid development is amazing. Despite the Firefox by early beta version of Chrome a heavy blow, but I still is a huge fan of Firefox, backed Firefox. Since then, great changes have taken place in many browsers. Firefox can now again with Chrome comparable, even in some benchmarks, Firefox. Firefox for Chrome and Google opened the door of a can pass.

Firefox interface is not very attractive, at best, Mozilla is a failure in the field of mobile phones. In the early days, apple does not allow a third party browser engine using independent web engine on its platform. Even Android gradually increasing popularity, but on the platform in order to launch a mobile version of Firefox, Mozilla still spent quite a long time. Then in the past few years, Mozilla is trying to force against flood through their own platform. This is a bold attempt, I praise the Mozilla’s efforts, because it brings developing countries a low-cost mobile phone — but so far, apart from a few very small market, Mozilla have almost no other rewards. In addition, cheap Android phones now filled with every corner of the market, and even I began to doubt whether it can also be based on the field.

in many ways, the Firefox team feel like most of the time in the fight and ideas. Why don’t you can use Firefox topic of a survey, people will tell you: “because it is too slow.” This is not real situation now. Like Microsoft’s Internet explorer, Mozilla must convince people: the browser which it now has been pretty good. On the one hand, it is different from Microsoft, it is that it is not to do this marketing budget.

in order to enhance its search in the United States, Mozilla has struck a deal with yahoo, yahoo’s search engine starting next month will be a firefox browser’s default search engine in the United States. Although yahoo over the past couple of years seems to be some down and out, when it comes to search, it is not completely is a outstanding person. Though it may Mozilla to win market share not much help, but the deal may bring the Mozilla yahoo! Some extra seekers.

the Mozilla maybe all these problems are solved. This is a nonprofit organization that aims to make network better. And it is precisely because the Mozilla and efforts, today network transformation into a heaven to aspire to. But if its main products gradually lose importance, then the organization have what power? When control the lion’s share of the market, so you can easily to persuade others to follow your lead. But, when the figure dropped to ten percent or less, you will easily ignored by others automatically.


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