Corporate culture: I snatched away from apple hand trick

many engineers dream “perfect job” is for apple, Facebook or Twitter that silicon valley technology giants. But me and my company Retention Science were not. Where the key is not work, what to do, but to make employees feel corresponds with the enterprise, reflect personal value and get a sense of belonging and happiness. On this apple seem to do better than we, our Retention Science enterprise culture is the trick that I snatched from apple hand employees.

last summer, our interns Vedant told me that he had received a full-time offer apple, he wants to leave the Retention Science to work in apple. For his choice I’m not surprised, because I know, many aspiring engineers are thought to have apple’s work is a “dream job”, but I believe that our Retention Science can provide different jobs, worth nearly as much as apple.

before I hire him, I had seriously thought about how best to him. Apple’s work more stable and more secure, more prestigious – it is very important for the first generation of Indian immigrants. In view of Vedant happens to be the first generation of Indian immigrants, I finally decided to very reluctantly give up what one favours not strong to keep him. Because I don’t want to put his career out, don’t want to stop between him and his dream.

but last month, I suddenly Vedant arriving in the mail, I thought I will see the “ideal job” status of typical (like all unexpected good). But I was wrong.

Vedant in dried apples only eight months before they started greatly missed the original internship units. Now he desperately want to back to the Retention of Science to do a full-time engineer and asked me if I can consider to employ him.

a moment of shame!

before that moment, I never thought he would leave apple back to the Retention of Science. But a month later, he just work smoothly adapt to the new role here, was away from where to where to start.

come back after the first weekend of Vedant told me “this is my most happy five days of this year.” Those words echoed in my mind all weekend, just connect down a few weeks, even until now.

this reminds me of my personal goal: as far as possible for my team to create the best working environment. More importantly I realized again had to fight for the rights of working with the team, they are I have seen the most talented and enthusiasm of a group of people, and I have the priority to them in my three companies.

I have been trying to build me a company in a positive way, but it was not until the Vedant refused to leave, before I didn’t know the importance of the positive enterprise culture.

many ceos and other business leaders believe that corporate culture aims to create a comfortable working environment, promote the development of productivity. But in my experience, the essence of enterprise culture is to unearth the company outside of work; Like home, office staff is your good friend, the whole team consists of a large family.

I believe has offered more share with my team, but three of the reaction is most impressive.

first, the staff is always the most important

although the CEO or company founder is macro vision engineer, but actually in the way of achieving that vision is team work.

most successful enterprise can let employees feel belonging. Employees want to be part of the company to achieve “ambition”, his work for the company contribution to the success of the positive force.

implementation staff’s first initiatives have a corporate meeting, held a variety of activities, meet regularly with their employees to chat. Company-wide meeting once a week we confirm and validate the importance of each employee, employees have the opportunity to report their biggest work last week and had a significant effect on the company. My goal is to provide opportunities for the team to understand the company’s other departments to promote the communication between different departments and increasing transparency.

to employees in the first place is not confined to the office. Sponsoring company lunch, offer the opportunity of the company (such as clothes embroidered on each person’s nickname), held a similar surfing lessons, on a weekend trip and barbecue social activities are reflected the enterprise culture.

although the company is different, the enterprise environment is different, but we use all the resources in hand to express our gratitude for their employees.

reflect employees first moves the most important still is to meet with each employee on a regular basis. Whatever we have to talk about work, such communication can improve the transparency of the company, let me know more about the staff, it is easier to work with them.

second, the company to become a second home

I have stressed the Retention Science is a big family. Although our lover and children may work outside, personal family is not always full, but we are building families outside of a second family.

I found before, with business expanding, the different divisions of the company staff is very difficult to cooperation interaction and on a personal level to go up and get to know each other. In order to bridge this gap, we often held activities to encourage (or even demand) they communicate with each other together, this can make the employees have the opportunity to work in the outside to know each other fall in love with each other. Because personal affinity can greatly promote the professional cooperation, build huge social dynamic network is an important part of enterprise culture.

as a corporate meeting, inter-departmental communication interaction increases the transparency, make the employees to better understand our business model, so as to promote the company’s overall cohesion.

third, each man is the creator of the corporate culture

all the essence of enterprise culture is the product of a person. Everyone in creating the form of culture, and to determine the direction of culture. The accumulation of enterprise culture desire and need all team members and tireless efforts.

we adopt a flat organization structure, so we believe everyone has their own value, to allow different experiences from different backgrounds of our staff, according to their ideal corporate image shaping the enterprise culture together.

although three companies over the years I have in the development and changes, but the constant is our corporate culture and commitment to employees. It is this culture makes the team together happily, and continue to attract talented new employees. This is the company go today the key to this step.

I can’t say that apple did not follow the culture creed. You must admit that there is no “rules” tells us how to make enterprise culture fit everyone, we just try our best to use the enterprise culture infection employees, they are doing now is the dream of “perfect job”.


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