Cool it down: hardware market conventional resources reorganization

cloud network hunting on November 21st (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

18 November, cool on weibo declared independence their own brands – the great god, and claims that the great god will move into the global high-end smartphone market, at the same time launched a new “Dazen” brand logo.

then cool yesterday announced at a conference main high-grade fashion concept, go offline stores channel’s new brand “ivvi”. The announcement of the new brand will be in the market, brand, financial, personnel and so on various aspects will draw cool the original system and independent operation. Of cool the brands, the full implementation of “separation”. A brand to compete on price, only a brand claims to be from “country non-mainstream” low-end market to have emotional appeal “luxury” high-end, ie, the higher the price, the better.

in the past two years, almost all of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are strange brand independent movement, huawei, zte Nubia glory, before after lenovo Vibe and gionee IUNI, etc. Linked to these traditional phone makers are, advance wave upon wave of chose to launch Internet electric goods brand, and such as shall be defined as “bow to the Internet model”. Millet joy bloom.

traditional “big”, just regular market resources operation

but it’s actually not the case, like zte Nubia independent and ivvi initially to do high-end brands, but then the channels because there is no handle problems forced to turn to the Internet cost-effective channels, and lenovo Vibe is its high-end brands. All this is the evolution of the market channels in.

actually it is very common on the market in all walks of life, some international brands and domestic brands are often do this kind of independent brand department. But foreign brands prefer do department of independent operation, domestic often do start a brand new things.

so nokia mobile phone business and sold it, people thought it’s written on the death, people think a backgammon, OPPO’s rivals, who is actually a group of two independent brands. Today cool also doing the same thing.

in the market competition evolution to certain steps, a company group through new organizational resources operation, quick to cater to more users demand, so as to strive for more market resources.

as a traditional manufacturers, cool with strict organization, layers of strict hierarchy rooted within the organizational structure and this structure is a must for precise hardware technology industry, but also can cause fatal flaws, operation norm, the immobilization of rigid system makes the enterprise in the face of rapidly changing markets seem to be some lack of response. Under the industry practice of predecessors, then introduced the independent organization department, so as to achieve the integration of market resources.

in the international market relying on the excelsior product design experience made apple for a large number of fans, so that they can master a lot of market resources which has been a success. Traditional vendors see a way out here, in order to avoid the traditional enterprise internal political in-fighting affect the problem of market operation, then began experimenting with a new management mode, set up brand became their choice.

so, traditional manufacturers under the condition of the maximum keep the original channel advantage, the establishment of the brand can be flexible according to the market, customers, products, enterprise value and the industrial chain and the whole business ecosystem to make a new adjustment. And back against the traditional hardware manufacturers, also make these brands to get strong support, excellent hardware technology and the advantages of the capital become the powerful guarantee of its development.

those who are playing bad “subversion”

basic, you can see that the establishment of the brand is the traditional manufacturers in the new round of market resources integration process to avoid because of their strict organization system, inflexible operation mode and affect the enterprise development. Through the brands to optimize products, expanding market a market operating resources integration method, the purpose is to get more market resources. The difficulties of the hardware industry reform.

as the miracle of millet also is not necessarily a ray booth exhausted his lifetime accumulation of market resources, the electricity broke out on the tuyere of integration is out of a “Internet channels,” which earned his place in the market. Michael declares its own Internet mode, BOM pricing is increasingly difficult to cash. Michael recent interview was the first to admit that the oneself is the fact that a hardware company, at the same time shows that you are trying to do the Internet mode to liquidate.

hardware industry to seize the Internet model of small and medium-sized enterprises, to revalue the what this “Internet model”, is actually a fledgling Internet sales channels. What are your company’s problems cause they can’t control the channels? Have the ability to do completely change yourself?

in the said subversion world everywhere, people has gradually become the “subversion” scared silly, and began to superstition “subversion”. But subversion was actually some industries need external publicity, and create the very not appropriate, and even very exaggerated words.

and then in the process of repeated propaganda bombing, focus, the authenticity of people ignored the “subversion”. In fact he really means, a new efficient resource operation mode of old system improvement instead of a series of knock-on effect, the reverse is just a old of improving market system, is not totally negative.

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