Cool 360 cooperation fall to the ground, a great god X7 with CoolUI6 release

on January 8, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool Internet brands a great god, and this afternoon, just update the new flagship model, the great god X7, relay from the great spirit of the past 1 s models. It was also in the United States today at CES, has carried on the show.

cool officer said that the great god brand in the future will tell F, N, X series, three points on the price: below 1000, 1500, 1000 or so. The great god X7 belongs to the great god X series is divided into three versions – 801 qualcomm Xiao dragon netcom version, full of mediatek MT6595 double 4 g/mobile version.

Why the name “X7”

in this issue, ZhuFangHao said because this phone has experienced seven generations of the engineering machine iteration and adjustment. Is not in the past 7 inch Phablet models, but against MX4, m 4 related flagship machine.

specific configuration:

1080 p 5.2 -inch Super AMOLED screen, which is pure colour aviation aluminum body, before and after the double glass design, thickness of 6.5 mm. 3 g + 16 gb DDR3 eMMC5.0, support to 64 g SD extension.

5 p lens + 1300 w, 800 w, 6 p F1.8 aperture lens, the OSI engineering stabilization rear camera.

system using 360 application service COOLUI6.0 in-depth integration.

screen aspect also provides a broken screen, 99 yuan. Support all of the great god of mobile phone. At the same time support plus 240 yuan and wait for the upgrade.

price: 1599 (mobile 4 g version 2 g + 16 g), 1699 (double 4 g version 2 g + 16 g), 1999 (qualcomm netcom double card double stay 3 g + 16 g)

is another focus of the conference, cool 360 CoolUI6 built cooperation. As cloud network hunting had previously forecast, cool the whole control system construction, and operation, and only responsible for 360 CoolUI6 platform related services provided and optimization, enjoy the cool inlet flow.

with the aid of 360 integrated technical ability, will bring great god products more smoothly integrate the use of the experience, and with the aid of cool the great god of market capacity, the 360 mobile end products will provide a new development space, can step to harvest a lot of small white users, form the platform effect one pace reachs the designated position.

then hunting cloud network will bring you interview, stay tuned.


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