Cooking a meal: from the room the door to the kitchen door, restaurant O2O is at it again

hunting cloud network reported on December 16 (word/flat HongGuang)

traditional industries, the Internet is an inevitable trend of catering industry as well. At present, the performance of the restaurant O2O form and deliver more for food, catering group buying and public comments on the training platform, etc., restaurant O2O also in constant innovation and differentiation, it also gives more entrepreneurial opportunities.

hunting cloud network has come into contact with an App called “cooking rice”, the logic is based on the geographical location, professional chefs, cooking for offer service of door-to-door chefs and cooks O2O platform. Cooking rice is affiliated with the unnamed pony network technology co., LTD., Shanghai can be seen from the logic of cooking rice, from the traditional room service and deliver to the kitchen, cooking a meal break traditional restaurant O2O thinking, is building to become a chef transport base.

it is understood that in dine out of the survey found that “unsafe” “expensive” inconvenient “” the three options become the focus of concern. If people choose room door is convenient, then choose the kitchen door more consideration is food safety and comfortable dining. For these questions, and see how cooking a meal break?

specific to cook rice App, software interface simple and clear, can according to user’s mobile phone positioning recommend living near you “burn” – the door to help you cook cook. Click on each the head of a chef, can see his detailed information, including age, native place, is good at cooking, service time, service scope, and the evaluation of customer service before. User please home chefs with ordinary hotel chef, not just family kitchen chef workshop into citizens.

is asked, “cook the door how much will it cost?” “Cook can help buying food?” “Do you want to pay the chef transportation?” The cooking rice and how to solve the problem of the user to worry about?

according to hunt cloud network understanding, cooking a meal services are divided into ABC three packages, respectively is 69 yuan four dishes, 6, 99 yuan, 8, 119 yuan, the fee does not include the cost of ingredients, but cook a door to door service charge; Second chef for the first time the door is not behalf buy ingredients, if the order can be bought again ingredients; For transportation, cooking rice cook is in the service of their own residence area, so customers don’t need to burden of transportation.

so, cooking rice cooks with ordinary hotel chefs have what distinction, cook the door security problem how to guarantee? Chefs cooking rice, recommended in addition to the identity with the ministry of public security information center network real-name certification, must also be strict examination by Shanghai aikang ambassador medical center to service for user to go out, still have a perfect evaluation mechanism to supervise the behavior of the chef, to solve the user security concerns.

actually, kitchen door O2O model has not fresh, such as , very much like cooking a meal pattern, both are the main kitchen door to door service, essentially no big difference, the difference lies in their offline user experience. For now, because the kitchen door on the basis of the characteristics of LBS, thus forming a kind of local life O2O mode, both is difficult to form a competitive relationship, but when the development of the same city or may form a competitive situation. But cloud network think hunting, kitchen door is a newly popular mode, is one of the restaurant O2O mode innovation, so as to promote the development of industry is the greatest value in progress.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, cooking a meal since opening up to the platform customers order more than ninety percent are young people, “a result, the elderly in the use of mobile phone APP haven’t form a habit; And secondly, from the concept of consumption, many young people spend money on service can accept this way of life.” Currently, cooking a meal only supports used in the Shanghai area, the future will be extended to other cities, and moderate cooking rice that the door is convenient, charge pattern of popular perhaps the best way to solve the problem of young people to eat.

cooking rice

company: Shanghai anonymous pony network technology co., LTD.

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