Cook: now on TV interface “is terrible, too bad”

apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) after the end of the announcement of a new accept PBS “the Charlie rose show” an exclusive interview, during exposes many secrets, including miss every day jobs, launch screen mobile phone is not copy samsung model, first listen to the Beats sleepless nights when Radio, etc.

office will still be in place Miss every day jobs

in the interview, Mr. Cook details the late apple founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and now apple’s influence on him. He said: “jobs are still in my mind, and his spirit will always be the foundation of the company.” Cook myself every day in miss Steve jobs, he said: “Steve’s office is still be kept the same, even his name is still on the door.” Understand his ideas clearly, cook, do not want to deviate from the established strategy. Cook said: “jobs know apple should enter those only our technology can control field.”

apple screen mobile phone not copy samsung equipment

cook explains why in the samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers to launch domestic smartphone over the years, apple has to wait for such a long time to launch similar products. The host asked Ross cook, apple’s iPhone 6 whether to cope with the challenge of samsung. Cook give no answer, and said, “to be honest with you… From many years ago we began to develop domestic mobile phone. We just never made the iPhone. We dedicate to launch a better phone.”

cook said apple before the sale of domestic mobile phone, you need to ensure that suitable for more domestic mobile phone development display, battery and software. For screen mobile phone, for example, apple has developed a single hand model, namely the top of the screen the user interface can be slipped in user’s thumb range, in order to achieve single hand operation.

answer rather than cook to AllThingsD convention in 2012, was asked why the apple don’t launch more iPhone’s answer. At that time, apple is the best mobile phone iPhone 4 s, only a relatively small 3.5 inch screen. Cook said apple thought, for iPhone users, can one hand the use of mobile phones is very important. And, he says, not launch a domestic mobile phone and battery life and other factors to consider.

cook’s answer also lacks a suspicious factors, namely the samsung mobile phone displays is very good. Samsung Galaxy Note series mobile phone has a 5.7 -inch screen, battery life is also very long. If samsung can insist on for so long, why apple can’t? On the other hand, apple’s new domestic mobile phone is thinner and more smooth, more attractive than samsung mobile phone. These, may all is what apple have been waiting for.

for the first time to hear Beats Radio sleepless nights

apple announced a $3 billion acquisition of the famous American Beats has in the past nearly 4 months headset manufacturers, cook, in an interview said apple is one of the reasons behind the merger, he likes Beats Radio subscription service. Cook said: “Jimmy ai Owen (Jimmy Iovine, Beats President) told me that the service is very good. So one evening, I sat down to their service comparing with other similar products. After listening for a moment, I feel completely different. The reason is that they believe in the doctrine of is: human selection is very important in the subscription service.”

Beats provide real personal playlists, thanks to the elaborate recommendations at the expert level. Cook said: “you hear songs will affect how you feel. This feeling is hard to describe, but when you feel will understand. So that night, I didn’t sleep all night. I’ve been thinking: we need it.”

continue to focus on areas of smart TV

in an interview, Mr. Cook also touched the smart TV Apple TV’s future. Cook noted that apple is the most difficult decision “not to involve what fields”. When asked if Apple TV belongs to one of them, cook the answer say: “smart TV that we continue to have great interest into the field.” Cook also further explained: “TV belong to can be traced back to the 1970 s. Now almost all things have changed… Television in the feels like clocks, the interface is terrible. That’s too bad!”

but when asked why apple would not solve these problems, the cook simple answer say: “this is we continue to pay close attention to.” Cook did not disclose any details about the future of the Apple TV, but stressed that the current Apple TV users more than 20 million people, will be more and more rich content. (sail)

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