Cook eat for strangers, EatWith build online “rural”

since 2007, growing company by letting users to make friends with strangers and rent their extra room to make money and open a new market, and have been successful. Based on the same train of thought, startup EatWith developed an application, hoping to let users can display their talents to make money, make friends in the culinary arts.

EatWith by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz was established in 2012. The application for the “master” together with the unknown “guests” provides a unique user scenarios and social experience, let them know each other, and can have a real home cooking.

for master, they can open according to the way they like their home, to meet the guests, doing things like can also a little make a killing. While guests can share their life stories and the other guests.

EatWith will examine the master, to ensure that they are not only good at cooking, but also kind and friendly and have the ability in the home to do the friendship of landlord, take good care of the unknown to man. In Michlin opinion, a good master must have three elements: as the host of the host and the ability to communicate, do good food, and keep a good family atmosphere. Every good host families, and the menu before uploading platform should be under scrutiny.

Michlin told me to apply for the host family, only 4% of the host application has been approved. And for the host of received the guest, you also need to accept scores, so they can maintain a high level of service. Although the 360 – degree feedback has not yet been put into use, but EatWith has added new features can let host for the guest.

since its launch a year and a half to EatWith market share has been rising steadily. The company is now in 30 countries in 160 cities, with 500 host families, for those who are willing to try the local food passenger provides an authentic local home cooking, at the same time also welcome those users who experiences in local just to make friends.

since headquarters moved to San Francisco from tel aviv, the company currently has 18 employees. In places like New York or Barcelona, of course, they also have employees in the local.

in order to make the company access to more markets, EatWith obtained here to Greylock’s $8 million investment, the investment institutions at the same time marketing expert Simon Rothman, joined the board of directors of the company. Rothman, said he was willing to enter EatWith because the service created a new mode of human interaction.

“with the new technology are involved in the life of people, we have opened up the new world, at the same time seems to have some more essential thing forgotten by us.” Rothman said in an interview, “when the technology involved in personal relationships, efficient is not equal to have effect. Our interactive virtualization, but our relationship is nothing.”

Rothman, referred to as the original social network, the dining room table and says he feels technology finally involves every aspect of our lives, make people can know more friends. As due diligence investigation of the deal, he took part in the EatWith family gathering for many times, in New York and Barcelona for his impressive not only delicious family dinner, but also create a wonderful conversation atmosphere between the host and the guest.

he said: this is a kind of experience, not just a meal. With his help, EatWith is expected to bring more people the same experience.

Source: TC

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