[conversation] AppleWatch new controlling hardware can bring?

cloud network hunting on September 26th (word/water Yan)

with a new generation of “6 + 6” the release of the iPhone, apple brought us a new “one more thing” – AppleWatch. So not disappointed about AppleWatch disappointing, subversion, not reverse the global village, jobs or do big discussion carried out vigorous.

at the end of the apple conference just, hunting cloud network joined the large cao. In two weeks after everyone has begun to cool today, people forget about jobs, to a rational look at AppleWatch which bring us a new experience!

when it comes to electronic products of user experience, including the industrial design experience, hardware performance and software function of experience. About industrial design experience, the calibre of the industry is relatively uniform: general. Hardware performance experience for apple: absolute enough.

the people question the greatest emphasis is: software function experience. From the flow of software system, this is definitely a small case for apple, but on the software function, AppleWatch what can bring us a good experience, or strange experience?

today xiao yun with you to discuss this.

Apple Watch new control equipment

in the last debate, many people chose to apple for AppleWatch weakening added two new control devices, ignore: perceived stress of touch screen and Digital Crown.

but you know every time the birth of a new revolutionary product, are born at the same time the new controlling hardware, a serious point to say relied on the new revolutionary controlling hardware has given rise to a revolutionary product.

the perceived stress touch hardware and Digital Crown can take on this responsibility? Don’t simply think looks improved, smaller Digital Crown and restoring ancient ways of atari game at the knob, Apple Watch like miniature smartphones no difference.

we must first rule out the use to joke, scorn, thinking.

new controlling hardware under the small screen will be how to control?

AppleWatch screen is very small, but think about function of the machine age, the 1.65 -inch screen really is large, is enough to show the core of the user requirements for the user information. Just how to put this core information display good questions.

and AppleWatch two new control hardware for just a small screen information display provides many new solutions.

is the first Force Touch Touch technology.

this hardware makes on the fixed screen space to show you more content, but also for the user in the narrow space to expand more definable manipulation. For example: don’t touch screen, touch not according to the screen, click on the screen, click on the two screen, etc., can show different information and manipulation of the interface.

so on a 1.65 -inch screen can be received before 3 inch screen can display information capacity and control , but reading experience can be made with controlling hardware and produce more excellent transition animations to make up.

Digital Crown

according to the official introduction, this Digital Crown should have similar to the game remote control rocker to real-time response sensitivity, and click on the function, specific also don’t know what is technology at present.

and how to make a small screen has more excellent information display effect, perhaps only make information in a dynamic way shows the . And dynamic show there is a problem bothering you, that is what kind of dynamic rhythm can bring users the best dynamic experience?

for this problem, without any rhythm was better than users to control their experiences. On the previous domestic smartphones, as the core of the user attention range is not large, so the fingers sliding can be done directly on the touch screen is not hindered.

but for smart watches, fingers when users read on the screen again, went to the inappropriate. The Digital Crown just brought the convenience for the user, the manual control combined with variable acceleration control technology, give users a more clever operation experience.

combination gestures

screen smartphones have various combinations gestures, various slide refers to make the experience more perfect. Smart watches obviously can’t rely on a touch screen to complete various combinations gestures, but the touch screen and Digital for combining the Crown knob is not the same.

think when a finger sliding screens, another finger same direction “sliding” knob is what kind of experience, to create what kind of effect?

randomization and coincidence

for smart watches, is a convenient access to information, the product of health monitoring, not here doesn’t suit what serious office collaborative information manipulation of the interaction.

the expanded function is more of a smart watch randomization to produce more “coincidence”, application developer role may be through a variety of technical means, to promote the production of a variety of high-quality coincidence content, to meet user demand . Just like the pat.

at present in apple’s official video display, for our application shows a pinched face expression, handwritten information dynamic display applications. The according to the two new hardware, and, of course, the more random input methods.

imagine a sketchpad application, Digital Crown turn the control point of (0, 0) transformation, various induction as different strokes of touch screen, two fingers respectively operation screen and Digital Crown, corrected by the software, can produce a unique moment, 2 d and 3 d work, the work can be as a master import other effects within the software version, generate more features. The last to share. It’s a bit similar to the ceramic production process.

deep step again, even more considerable imagination, other software can reduce the work of 3 d, material by combining the special effects, music, different point of view, directly generate a high level of video, and add your voice to send to your friends.

for smart watch screen natural is too small, maybe only can consider how to make these core information details how to better and more gorgeous shows. Combined with random creation automation, coupled with direct information, AppleWatch may bring us more relaxed information creation, interactive experience.

smart phones more and more attention to practical, from the Internet, from the surrounding always get left scattered content, inspire the creative developers. the smart watch is more a let users convenient access to or create a large number of random, coincidence, interesting content, for only a core content of the show more beautiful and interesting.

smart watches third-party app may be creative content information automatic production processing of app, a pinched face expression is an app, a special feature is a app, a message is a direct way of app. What do you say?

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