Continue to experience a failed: as long as it dies

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editor’s note: hunting cloud network within the coming week will launch “a line of anonymous entrepreneurs experience sharing project”. This topic will be selected foreign lines entrepreneurs entrepreneurship summarize personal feeling and experience sharing. The content of these articles may not apply to all people, but they are short and hard working rather than the long, provide micro operation rather than a macro. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman sincerely hope that this project can be for those unwilling comfort, willingly “for” business “warriors”, to provide some inspiration and enlightenment can be used for reference.

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in our early one morning, a failed, I just finished to send their children to the kindergarten. Start-ups fail a shock to me feeling like a hammer hammer in the nuts on the floor, my heart was broken pieces. At that moment, my feeling is and my four year old children left me, before that I have never been through a drop of tears. I sad cried and rushed to my car, but I soon come and nothing is worse than this, the child’s tears is just a fuse, is that trigger sparked my emotional burst its Banks. My “everything” is a perfect, I’m peeling layers hard shell. Now everything I have is not good, I am a loser, I the whole people in a negative world. My company also suffered a big blow, become very bad. I cry in the next seven days off and on for some time. This is my first time to run a company with your heart, but let the company into failure, let the company have been very big blow, and this is fatal blow.

fortunately, at that time also no jobs into danger, not investors’ money online. But there are a lot of people suddenly in disappointment. Life and business continues.

after this matter, I put this failure as my motivation for work. I am still very enthusiastic to entrepreneurship. Because I know, this is all that I need.

in the next two years, I have also experienced a small failure. No failure is catastrophic together, it doesn’t matter but it is not the sort of. These failures inside contain a lot of things, including the bad decisions, and mud paste is not on the wall of communication between employees, the company staff, waste products and make up my experience of the result of the failure. These result in failure factors sometimes overlap. Let me feel every morning open my eyes out of bed to face work is a very difficult thing. Slowly formed the habit of procrastination, dragging of everything, no work efficiency. Handle mail has become a very difficult task. Any can I interrupt my work is very welcome. These negative factors lead to the efficiency of my work is almost zero.

this is what?

after careful analysis, I concluded that these are my choice of mistake, even if I couldn’t find that time. Before looking back on it now, I had two choices: the first is what to do, another is what not to do it.

I don’t know why, I chose the latter.

in soon after, finally a moment, then say about it.

you realize that you don’t have money also have no other choice. Are you trying to catch a hope, of the reason is simple – because you don’t want to be the world as a loser, although you a little sad, but you also feel relieved (even though you never to say so). After you have made the decision, your shoulder against the huge burden seems to be slowly into the, let you feel a trace of light touch.

you in the next few weeks or even months in what to do, this state is known as “consideration” stage. This is true, you lick a strop your wound, regret around you make you unhappy.

in your “consider” after the stage, you finally caved in.

you so disappointed sad reason is that you can see these are not expecting to see you. At the beginning, what do you think these are what you love the business, you can’t imagine without them in your future. In reality, however, it is these things let you down to let you down. You are sad, because you wasted your money of investors, conscience is the condemned.

you are sad, because you want to do for you, and leave the mess, in after you deal with these things and may you broke. You are sad, because you think you’ve lost your trust. You still sad, because you fell into confusion, after you fail don’t know what to do. You are sad, because you think you defiled yourself tall to the invasion of the image.

the only thing that disappointed you didn’t so sad, that is you lost your company. Why is that? Because you will eventually realize a fact that was once desirable to you in your career lost the passion and love, if they still exist you won’t like now face disastrous failure.

last you finally make sure you are the reasons for the failure of the company’s business, have you lost your passion and motivation, these and what you are doing is not a lot to do. This is not a lack of experience in sales, also is not a lack of money, more is not a lack of product or fit degree of the market, or anything you can think out of excuses. The failure reason is because of you. Is so ordinary and simple.

at the end of the day, you realize your mistake, again to return to the origin, once again fell in love with you once “lover”, and then began a new cycle.

I finally realized that an obvious point – if you lost your spiritual pillar to rely on to survive, you were dead.

if you don’t want to fail, find a make you survive the backbone of any other thing will follow it slowly getting better and better.

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