Content marketing desperate situations: interactive content pick up the slack

cloud network hunting note: Scott Brinker is popular marketing website “behind”, at the same time he is Ion Interactive CTO, he is a man of extreme investment is also very patient, his web site there are as many as 947 of the companies, the present difficult situation of the content marketing patterns, Scott Brinker has its unique insights, he particularly likes the future of Interactive content.

recently, content marketing mode in the field of Internet marketing has experienced another wave of development, it as a new marketing mode of the ideal, and help the Internet company to get more subscribers, this is a more civilized era need lean marketing.

the content marketing mode because now pursuing is far higher than the actual value of the income, but is coming to the edge of the darkness. In too many companies, content marketing has become mechanization, just released some wooden articles, incomplete survey, collect some data from a large number of e-books, infographics, white paper and Internet discussion content.

is the direct cause of the above situation, the marketers are afraid of backward advantage content distribution plan, this fear will lead to the sharp increase in the content, the number means that the content of empty, thus resulting in embarrassment, content marketing which has more than not jing, user suffer, marketers are more injustice.

every day, there will be a variety of content marketing is filled with the network, so that any kind of content marketing is one of the success rate of only 3720 points, or lower.

may have marketers will say “this is not our fault.

“attack of the clones” : the content of the wanton use, passive and marketing

at present, in view of the content marketing mode of the battle of life and death of the two core problems.

first of all, most of the content is a one-off. User, as long as a look at this part of content is out of date. For marketers, want to close to the user, need to release new content, so they will do their best to update. But, under the condition of the content is limited, and it is difficult to use different words to describe the same thing. So frankly speaking, even if the large number of content marketing and update frequently, but didn’t say anything, the fact is so cruel.

second, most of the content of the consumption is passive. User or reading, or watching, or listening to the content, but all of this requires time and effort. And the user’s time and energy are limited, once feel vacuous boring, will quit reading. What’s more, in the user’s line of sight drawn before, caocao such a large number of e-books is also available for users to browse and network research content for users to kill time.

in fact, the above two problems through each other. The user has in many ways huge one-time, the content of the passive jamming, avoid like the plague. Therefore, the effectiveness of the content marketing has also been gradually weakened, but there are still many marketers use the means of content marketing is to continue to release more content, it is a vicious circle.

ray of hope: the emergence of the interactive content marketing

however, in the middle of a vast content marketing market appeared a glimmer of light, the interactive content marketing.

interactive content marketing contains the participatory elements, content is not a simple passive consumption, but the user include come in. So there are many kinds of interactive form, such as small, games, questionnaire, evaluation, workbooks, configuration program, calculator, competitions and so on. There are other graphic interactive version of type, such as e-books, fashion magazines, infographics, help users to operate in the form of content rendering.

it all goes well, interactive content would seem to be interesting, but it is not just fun. As is known to all, since the ancient times of education research tells us that “genuine knowledge comes from practice”, to put an ebook on the user’s computer users carefully designed for a small test could be more effective, more quick help user key knowledge absorption, and certainly more interesting.

in addition, interactive content marketing also resolve the “one-off” dilemma.

first, interactive content marketing provides various forms of content rendering and display space, to the user to convey the new idea. This is not just a self-conscious form “in its form, but a really different material reading, express way. For example, the return on investment (ROI) white paper with a calculator function, returns to demonstrate different circumstances; The bittorrent client with an assessment tool to compare view; Can also through the little game sample test to make some common pitfalls.

second, important interactive content with recycling value. Again is not like other people reading your blog posts so simple, but is the interactive content with calculator and configuration tools to users with the repeated use value. This is why content marketing planning, Jay Baer said “woori marketing” (YOUTILITY), he said in his book u-real marketing, “today’s marketing must get rid of the framework of to sell things, to think about how to help customers, for practical use”. That is to say, the interactive content marketing content before the one-sided pursuit of reverse to the value of income level, a truly useful and interactive content of reusable assets, long-term dividends can be obtained.

content marketing: “this is not we need to guide data”

for many marketers, content marketing and potential customer development process constitutes the mobile platform sales system. Is one of the most common type, issued a “limited edition”, like “out of print books,” and “exclusive report”, “new online commentary” and so on, then under content marketing form, to get the visitor’s name, work unit, the information such as email address.

the majority of users of this type of content to see the first reaction is: “this is a trap”.

because in most cases, the so-called “limited edition” end point in a watch found nothing, not originally a few words can tell information exaggeration to lengthy cumbersome ebook, advertising is the explicit euphemistically called “objective research”. Even if in the future marketers don’t want to release such information, the content of the infamous but already save users psychological line of defense.

instead, interactive content marketing through a free value-added model, can overcome the shortcomings. Makes it possible for potential users of the obstacles to the application of content, and assessment tools, the use of calculators or configuration program, there is no any other form. So that the user can immediately find the value of interactive content, and thus established its product reputation and customer trust.

once the customer pull in after, can continue to provide for the user to choose upgrade options, in order to get more potential customer information. For example, in the end of the interactive content evaluation items, can add the personalized recommendation according to user’s score. After the integration of these functions in good, can realize the incredible high conversion rate.

however, interactive content marketing is not only a typical boot record. Passive content marketing, only tell marketers users where is the point of interest, and customers like presentation of information. And interactive content marketing, marketers can get a lot of information from the user’s participation behavior, including the user how to do evaluation, calculator what situation calculus returns, as well as the final option in the configuration program, and so on.

content marketing is to contact record mixed with ambiguous orientation points to marketers, often rejected, “this is not what we want is oriented data”. And through interactive content marketing, marketers can obtain abundant qualification profile and data, then, sales staff can focus on the correct potential users, for their needs special response, like a psychics magic.

interactive content tomorrow: “you are my cloud computing platform”

until recently, interactive content marketing increasingly higher requirements of user customization development, so that the development cost is higher, more time-consuming, establish and maintain technical complexity increases.

however, marketing technology companies are now developing a new generation of cloud-based tool, let not the programmer or unskilled marketers to easily make IT resource application of interactive content, these companies have Ceros, ion interactive, SnapApp, Wishpond etc. And they develop the application of content, not just the Facebook, but have a soft touch web experience, were far more advanced than you might think, can be run on any device.

The content of the

this is an excellent marketing model, through the interactive content marketing, we can reverse the current content marketing dilemma, and then turn to a good beginning, really useful user experience will be inspired and entertainment vast potential users.



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