Consciousness is not beautiful? Apple posters trying to hide the iPhone 6 cameras

(/horse relief yi wen)

the iPhone 6 6.9 mm thickness, is undoubtedly the apple product launch a big attraction. In displaying its ultra-thin properties at the same time, however, apple seems to be the iPhone 6 raised camera back.

a long time, apple is proud with their own “streamlined” design, but it seems that the iPhone 6 “thin” can’t completely contain more powerful camera sensor. Interestingly, we found that, in most official show the thickness of the iPhone 6 posters, apple is consciously or unconsciously hide the bump of small objects.

we first come to you to look at a few apple official propaganda screenshots:

this is apple’s official website on the introduction of the iPhone 6 cameras when propaganda screenshots:

a new generation of the iPhone camera for a lot of technology “update”. Although pixels remain unchanged, but through a series of software and hardware sensors provides the focus speed, night scene shooting ability, etc.

the seemingly fault messages, from TheVerge is well-known as the most critical technology media. The editor of this media for all test equipment are strict and even harsh experience.

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