Connect to meizu, how social channels play with electricity

hunting cloud network on September 12 (text/fore rubbing at editor/water Yan)

this year on February 9, the founder of meizu jack comeback, and concurrently hold the position of CEO. 10, meizu MX3 start prices, climaxing and millet’s price war for the first time. Xiao yun thought, although the meizu MX3 falling prices do not necessarily and jack’s return, there is a connection may only be a regular in the meizu action, but it is undeniable that jack after the handover, indeed for this years did not catch the smartphone dividend meizu sweeping reforms. In addition, after returning jack began to prepare for implementation of employee stock options system, and aims at the meizu relative millet disadvantage for the last few years and to augment the resources of marketing, more efforts to marketing.

in many people’s eyes, before the return, the jack is more like a paranoid geeks, but now, he became more open after the handover, and the resulting is meizu system transition from closed to open.

the meizu style has long been the “light weight products, marketing”, this style makes the meizu was founded three years later the millet overtake. Obviously, jack realized the problem, the board on the marketing let jack made up his mind to strengthen the marketing. So in the regression of six months time, meizu marketing improvement?

this year on September 2, science and technology circles of the long-awaited meizu MX4 flyme4 issued together with the latest custom system. Meizu traditional competitive advantage – the unique appearance design and the software system, to further strengthen. MX4 issued this time, can be “meiyou fill regrets” tour, the drawbacks of previous many reviled for meizu (such as third-party icon beautification, automatic hidden SmartBar) was solved by a one-time, once in place. This time in marketing, meizu is under the foot of kung fu.

first, price. never lack attracts the meizu products, need only the price. This time the price of 1799 yuan, coupled with fairly good configuration, high performance and price ratio is highly lethal, differentiation into competition.

second, advertising + online marketing. meizu launch MX4 this time, the great learning patterns of millet. In the early stage of the advertising spend a lot of energy, online campaign, similar to the online ordering of the millet is playing good. According to the vice President of meizu misia, Sept. 5, only 3 days to online booking volume has breakthrough 3 million, have to say that a marketing strategy. Meizu alive, ground, satire friends business conference, prominently to counter the attitude determination to do marketing.

third, more tactical version. , according to reliable source of meizu’s flagship MX4 there will be a flagship edition, standard edition with the mini version of the three versions, respectively corresponding to provide different positioning. And ultimate could increase the fingerprint recognition, the mini version or will use eight nuclear mediatek chips, fill several favorable market prices.

saw jack’s comeback and meizu MX4 predetermined popularity, some people say that this is the meizu, someone says this is meizu in the learning mode of millet , others say it is meizu deal with a man as he deals with you. In xiao yun opinion, these statements are biased. A little comb, we can find, meizu is not a coward type copy at this time. Have to say, the return of the jack this time not only bring the meizu open, in fact, more is to integrate their own advantages and strengths, his correct positioning of the products, by showing their own social channels advantage to face the competition.

why say that? let’s take a look at the Meizu’s Connect to Meizu intelligent hardware platform. Connect to Meizu is Meizu cooperation with smart entrepreneurs hardware development platform, the LifeKit suite can support the intelligent hardware support and can achieve the system level. Intelligent strategy to make the hardware and millet are completely different, Meizu chose several hardware startups and domestic cooperation, online, offline channels, market resources and support system level support these three aspects, and has set up a Connect for the dominated by the Meizu to Meizu intelligent hardware platform.

the meizu focus on their own offline channels, and expect to play a different kind of energy. By the end of June this year, the meizu offline store has exceeded 700, the number of stores that ranked a leading in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Huge offline sales channels for meizu brings different advantages.

first, market crowd. online sales only for some people, but for most people, with little attention on the network news, so online sales strategies often cannot be concerned about them. And like mobile phones, especially the capital market KanRe new hardware equipment, many people still tend to offline stores to buy.

second, product perceptual knowledge. offline store online brings to the user experience is more real than, direct experience. Now, capital markets, the rapid development of new hardware looks more like a toy, practical, and not strong user needs, users need to personally to the entity shop, see, have to try to generate impulse buying.

third, shopping experience. online shopping experience is more convenient to the person, and some of the higher requirements for shopping experience, especially the local tyrants, they want more big splurge and bags with pride. In some degree, it does promote the meizu the offline social communication and the brand image of the brand.

so, meizu offline marketing strategy to promote the meizu brand offline social communication and to build up the brand image. Through cooperation with new and high science and technology of third-party hardware products, improve the richness of its own products, to achieve the purpose of the spread to each user brand image.

no electricity distribution, millet’s a lot of input energy. However, this is not a panacea. Because the electricity business in essence, is a big disadvantage – unable to fully display the charm of products. Like millet routers and millet television, although the product price is very high, but is not strong demand for the users. Many users on the Internet is only useful to this kind of product without the concept of high performance/price ratio is not high, lack most of the perceptual understanding.

in millet television, for example, first, because of my job, office worker is not very rigid demand for television, there are people who need to buy TV for online shopping is not a cold; Second, many Internet users are more likely to use the computer to replace the function of the TV. Therefore, millet because of the limitations of electricity, the sales of millet TV is not bright eye.

the electrical contractor and is not everything, have certain limitations, or O2O concept and less fire . Meizu has electricity and millet in the offline channel layout different advantages, combined with online marketing, to a certain extent, promote the establishment and spread of the brand, has formed a good differentiation.

the meizu as a veteran in the electronic market for many years, not that stupid, don’t understand flexibility, electronic market is a complex industry chain, marketing, marketing, meizu must according to the advantage of oneself out of a differentiating road. The fights and electrical business channels and also let us see the meizu to plan the layout of the self-confidence, see meizu’s next development.

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