Connect 4 billion “offline” population is one of the biggest challenges: eliminate blind “mental net”

when every time we use the Internet service, we will rely on a user experts call it the “mental model” to decide our choices. Mental model is basically a person according to their existing knowledge, experience and common sense of intuition. So whenever there is a kind of new things appear, mental model will use knowledge transformation and recognition of the human brain cognitive ability helps us understand the new things.

, for example, and the elderly of our grandparents’ age, at present the latest TV with the remote control to change channels or raise the volume, not difficult. This is mainly because their TV remote control has already formed a mature mental models.

reason and method of

but our grandparents when using web services, smartphone or tablet no such proficiency. The mental models of the before mentioned developed become the main obstacle. In fact, according to the Pew survey, 41% of older americans don’t use the Internet.

so, we can teach them how to use the basic network services? Can create the right mental models to alleviate this problem? A good idea, but doing so will be some obstacles. According to the Pew survey, only half of older americans know the benefits of the Internet (such as online shopping, online entertainment, video phone, email communication, looking for friends, medical consultation, etc.), and the rest of the old people feel there is no need to surf the Internet.

in other words, lead someone on the Internet, not only teach them how to make digital interaction and use of basic network services, also need to consider whether they have to use the Internet. Both are short of one cannot.

an abstract problem

in addition to the above questions, whether can be connected to the Internet and whether can withstand the Internet is also an important obstacle to overcome. But this is a limited range of engineering problems. Instead, develop convenient use of the Internet many desires and mental power is an abstract and philosophical challenges (within the scope of the potentially infinite).

to link not connected in the market, we need to handle this a series of problems. Of course, no one will force the people don’t get to the Internet to surf the Internet. Focus is only pure to remove obstacles, so that we can let the people that are not connected network can make a wise decision on whether the Internet, without fear of the unknown will bring fear.

a world without connection

how many people did not connect the Internet? According to most of the research survey, about 20% of americans is not on the Internet. This is a very big number, but not to connect to the Internet and the world, compared to the number of be dwarfed. According to the survey, 4.3 billion people are not connected network all over the world.

in other words, two out of every three people don’t use the Internet. While most are farmers and low-income and women. Don’t use the Internet is likely to mean that they will lose effective communication, education, better career development opportunities, free information about personal and professional, the diversity of world outlook, the cheap entertainment, social networks, digital storage, etc.

in the same way, in view of 4.3 billion did not use the Internet most come from less developed economies, so we can never get properly solve some special problems of the third world. Infectious diseases such as ebola and polio, for example, will not wait for the precise tracking, to control strictly the national liberal democracy thought, small farmers do not have access to modern agricultural technology to increase production, because of the data collection difficulty the United Nations development goals will not be able to reach one thousand. We may be experienced in the history of the largest and most difficult challenge, but the second Internet revolution will and the second industrial revolution in human history as profound influence on the process of human history.

as the growth of the time, not connected network lost opportunity cost will be increased quickly, and at the same time, based on the technological progress in the rapid growth of the network. Imagine 5 years from now the cost will be? Ten years? 15 years? 20 years?

or, in turn, think about it, how much will the opportunity to change? To have this opportunity, we can make for most people to change the world forever?

new solution

as low prices of smartphones worldwide to accelerate the popularization, maybe let everyone in the world to connect to the Internet is not envisaged that difficult. Say so, because the smartphone boom, those who are not connected to the network is likely to be first contact by computing devices to the network. It’s no wonder that the innovation of our times leaders began to think of different solutions, to connect 4.3 billion not connected network population. If successful, connection not connected market will become a reality.

, for example, search giant Google’s Loon plan, Free Zone and the recently released Android is One standard in order to solve this problem is an important step. Also, by Facebook, samsung, MediaTek, nokia, Ericsson, qualcomm and Opera Software jointly established global Internet has been committed to let all unrealized networking of the population using the Internet.

Demand and supply

the first summit recently held in new Delhi. In this summit, Mark Zuckerberg reiterated to the founding of Although focuses on make unrealized population using the Internet (through zero rating and improvements in infrastructure), but the summit statement also Mark did mention the experience of online community may have mental disorder.

in essence, this is a question of demand. Through the establishment of incentive (how) and mental models (i.e., why) to keep for the realization of the network of the population began to demand on the Internet. On the other hand, it is a question of supply. So supply and demand problems need to solve at the same time. Why is that? From the economic aspect, for example, demand and supply curves intersect at a nontrivial price, this will make the nontrivial economies can have the energy to focus on the implementation network connection problem.

recently by McKinsey& Co launched a study funded by the confirmed the existence of these problems, but are mentioned respectively, and no further will be promoted to the demand and supply of level. Anyway, a complex mental models about the unrealized networking is gradually generated, this is unprecedented, so we still have a lot of things to deal with.


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