Completely free you from housework: 10 great domestic robots

cloud network hunting note: in 2014, although there is no change big household machine form, but there are still a lot of excellent works of literature and art can let a person shine at the moment, the robots ABI Research analyst Dan Kara combined several domain experts to select they believe that the year’s best ten domestic robots.

seems in recent years to the end, the optimists will swear in high-tech prediction: next year will be the machine’s shine for a year, when people finally can breathe a sigh of relief, push those boring housework heavy burden to the robot.

let robot mopping floors, washing cooking utensils, mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, clean up the cat excrement, cleaning the carpet, also more than, let robot coax children bed, playing with older children, just think about all let a person feel relaxed a lot.

ABI Research robot analyst Dan Kara (Dan Kara) think, that is the end of 2013. Mr Kalla said, “last year was supposed to be all things have change a year – a year again.”

although the so-called family robot revolution in 2013 did not come, but Mr Kalla said last year, some new interesting robot close to the consumers, and no housework family life in the future.

Mr Kalla’s point of view, got Erico guzzo, (Erico Guizzo) and Andrew keane (Andra Keay) echo. The two robot industry has been keeping a close eye on the consumption, the former is a subsidiary of the American association of electrical and electronics engineers Automaton blog website editor, who is the managing director of the robotics industry group in silicon valley. According to these experts recommend, and some primary test, we selected 2014 paragraphs new and noteworthy ten domestic robots.

Neato vacuum cleaner Botvac

vacuum cleaner in the consumer market is a market the largest and the most competitive consumer robots category, and the vacuum cleaner has been constantly improved, is becoming more and more useful. Introduced the earliest style often because too dependent on maintenance people are criticized. (” I have to wash my cleaning robot.” Says Mr Guzzo (Guizzo). When the battery runs out, users will have to pull the robot cleaner to special charging equipment charging, and the user must also move the furniture cleaning robot reach area there. Than the early machines dust collector, this Neato Botvac vacuum cleaner needs fewer people to do clean, and it also has a good ability of dust collection and the thickness of the thin, which makes it able to drill into the bottom of the sofa. And it is the most let I like features are: when the battery is very low, it will suspend work, run to the charging equipment and charging automatically. When more people are looking forward to Dyson (Dyson vacuum cleaner this year, please refer to the similar features. Neato Botvac vacuum cleaner priced between $480 to $600.

grill clean the machine Grillbot

although cleaning grill is a small house, but it is easily irritating. After enjoying the delicious barbecue, people often forget to clean the grill, going to do until the next to the barbecue. Clean the grill is can let a person feel cheerful and of course the premise is your own. Sells for $130 grill cleaning robot Grillbot works like a miniature robot cleaner, but with some scary metal bristles. Regardless of whether they are just used grill or has the cooling of the grill, as long as put Grillbot above, and then start the program, cover, 10 to 30 minutes, grill is clean enough, when the next barbecue can use them directly. Some users report Grillbot metal hair is easy to fall off, the production company, chairman of Ethan Woods (Ethan Woods) for this said, the new design has solved the problem. The device and alarm functions, designed for those who are forgetful, when put the Grillbot on top of a hot grill for too long time, the alarm will ring.

video autodyne artifact Soloshot2

whether for work or for fun and take, if, as long as you still is easy. But dynamic activities, such as sports, dancing, or just stay with you in the yard toddler play to finish filming at the same time, it is difficult to be satisfactory. $400 Soloshot2 consists of an automatic camera equipment and a separate sensor, the sensor can be attached to any object you want to shoot it. Camera equipment make pointing in the direction sensor of the camera. Can take up to 2000 feet Soloshot2 within the scope of any activity, even can take your swimming process, because the sensor is waterproof, Soloshot2 time is 8 hours, the frame of sensor battery life is 4 hours. The only thing you need to worry about is that when you swim in the swimming pool, someone may steal your camera.

pets gum Litter – Robot cleaning machine

on my children a list of chores, clean up the cat shit is the most maddening thing. However, Litter – Robot may make a difference. Its built-in sensors can capture the cat activity a place in the home, then it will spin like a huge concrete mixer, cut large pieces of garbage to screen out, stored into a litter trays. Of course, there are shortcomings: Litter – Robot is a little big, about 29 inches high, before and after about 25 inches wide. So he in small apartment activities may, by the way, it costs $389 is not cheap.

can coax children fully automatic pram rockaRoo

a Pittsburgh company made the this automatic pram rockaRoo 4 mons. It can track your baby’s center of gravity and position every second hundreds of times, and the use of a fixed on the bottom of the pram activity to repeat the baby rocking chair. The action of the company said, the activity chair including “fall at a speed of gravity”. RockaRoo motors is very small, not to disturb the baby to sleep, also won’t interfere with the baby to hear their parents through the device of the internal speaker put out music. For parents of hernia, or for the baby’s parents have unable to sleep, might be worth for this special machine costs $180, but the parents for children age is pretty big, and buy this stuff is really too late.

floor cleaning machine Scooba 450

this aspect, the generalization make domestic robots no company do more than iRobot. IRobot design and manufacture the Roomba vacuum cleaner, drain cleaner Looj, pool cleaner Mirra, and this year’s floor cleaner Scooba 450. The device is worth $600. It will first floor wet, sprinkle with detergent, then wipe the floor and absorb water, and then a final cleaning with rubber roller. Success in all our tests, we only had a little trouble: “Virtual Wall” (Virtual Wall) accessories. The accessories to create a infrared barrier, so that the Scooba from specific areas. However, it casts a too many infrared, that in a small space, the robot hesitate, can’t wipe the anywhere.

lawn mowing machine Robomow RS

most of the housework, even if what also won’t have to ignore the bad results. However, mowing the lawn in person can hurt you. Lawn mowing machine in the field of competition is very big, both brand, also have a start-up, and Robomow RS is the latest one. Set up a lawn mower is a household chores, because you have to circle your yard range, limited range Robomow RS. These is finished, you can let the machine cut the lawn, follow one’s inclinationsly and return to charging device for charging automatically when battery is low. It is electric, so compared to traditional lawn mower, noise is no longer a problem. Analysts of the latest generation of lawn mower machine reliability scores are high, and the electric lawn mower generally do not need to maintain every year, but it need gasoline mower.

learning robot Kibo

toy market is filled with the annoying noise can dance as well as of the robot. However, the Kibo and they are different. It is the children’s latest achievements in science and technology laboratory at tufts university, is specifically designed for children aged 4 to 7 a learning tool, just present in the form of a toy. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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