Come on! This 15 you can learn fastest growing technology start-ups

note: hunting cloud army under the capital to promote entrepreneurship continue to explosion, looking back at the end of 2014 in which the fastest growing and highest rated company, or on the Internet industry has a new significance. The following content by tencent technology translation Forbes and fortune magazine list of the article is as follows:

Forbes: these companies grow fastest

the magazine online according to the data provided by the VC Experts, selected in 2014 valuation of the fastest growing 15 companies.

people familiar with some of the company, such as taxi company Uber and Lyft, short online rental company reality. There are people not familiar with, such as Hollywood movie star Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) founded by The environmental protection product electricity Company could Company. According to regulatory documents, the valuation of the 15 companies grew by an average of 4.5 times.

is particularly worth mentioning is that sharing economic Uber on behalf of the company after raising $1.2 billion, the company jumped to $40 billion valuation and P2P network company Lending loan Club have also been successful listing.

with fastest growing Zenifits first startup. The company founded in 2013, this year has been completed A, B two rounds of financing, the company $650 million valuation. And its business is based on the cloud service human resources management. Business users can use it to management compensation, benefits, subsidies, etc. At present, already has more than 2000 different sizes of companies using Zenifits cloud HR services.

here are the Forbes list of 15 fastest-growing startups:

fortune: the technology company, the most suitable job

in the fortune 2014 “100 the most suitable job in the company” list, Google (weibo), SAS, Boston consulting ranked the top three. This is Google for three consecutive years won the championship.

due to the rising stock prices, and all the staff are holding company’s shares, for employees, is a huge benefits. Last year, Google received a total of 1.294 million applications for visible Google to attract employees.

in addition to Google, the runner-up SAS software company welfare is sitting pretty. Its headquarters is equipped with the medical center, providing medical services for families all staff and employees. The welfare of the other technology companies include every four years to six weeks of paid vacation, all employees give employees $650 per year for fitness rewards, etc.

here is the list of some technology companies rank:

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