Come enjoy pin guest complete C $50 million in financing, DCM led

constructed at pin guest today officially announce complete C $50 million in financing, by DCM collar, A wheel investment institution IDG capital, B round collar had the school to continue to cast, huaxing capital as the financing the sole financial advisor.

constructed at pin was founded in December 2011, currently has more than 7 m registered enterprise users, active users and subscribers are at the same time maintain acceleration of growth. Since 2014, the sales revenue continues to double every 3 months of growth, the number of employees from earlier this year, less than 50 people have been growing to 250 people, the agent increased to 100.

is the official announced that this round of financing will enjoy pin of dispute is to accelerate the upgrading of the guest to provide funding. Layout in advance at the same time in the market, finally finished at pin of all enterprises “connections” vision.

it is reported, this month at pin guest has launched between upstream and downstream enterprise service number off of the system, will be launched next month to partner service agents as the core management system, designed specifically for sales enterprises to achieve full marketing marketing assistant will be launched in the near future. When a user coverage after reaching goals, constructed at pin guest will open at the core of basic services, for the connection between the enterprise and the enterprise, the connection between the enterprises and users.

constructed at pin guest CEO rasch said: “we never define themselves as a simple enterprise software company,” tool + platform + ecology “is the whole of the development of our future goals and vision. This round of financing cooperation with IDG and aurora borealis again at the same time, the introduction of the famously vision precise DCM, is that we achieve “connection of all enterprises” important milestone.”


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