Collar and send, give you find corporate sponsorship of campus activities

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the willing to contact with college students entrepreneurial firms or multinational organizations in their own platform, by sponsoring activities of the campus community to accomplish brand penetration. Founded Zhong Jiaying launchpilots/brought a pie to do things like this.

value in where? Zhong Jiaying tell hunting cloud network. Value has two, one, supports the campus community as a corporate sponsor needed to complete the funds to complete its meaningful things. Two, make enterprise brand penetration, transmission between the student community indirect radiation campus product users. Grow up with the young power, better.

launchpilots/brought a pie is actually a brand contact of the Chinese college students market a small platform. Founder Zhong Jiaying said her entrepreneurial inspiration came from the organization for many years engaged in social work experience and but for youth development and enthusiasm in the field of education. She graduated from the university of Hong Kong international economic and trade management, and had been looking for a job at the United Nations development program, shun yi public consultation in Hong Kong, during the international and domestic social organization.

but the initial motivation or about entrepreneurship as a 350. org project management assistance and the national student associations close contact. And the more than 300 environmental protection class of the student community organization, jia ying organization launched a influential in China, by actively participate in the youth force, environmental protection class events – green China. Impressed by the students enthusiasm and potential impact, founded Zhong Jiaying brought a pie, aims to use its resources to help students better development platform.

Zhong Jiaying tell hunting cloud network, we are a student, we found that there is almost no chance to give us used to complete the enthusiasm in the development of society. We want to do is between students and brand to build a platform of communication and information sharing. Can better close student associations and brand communication.

for example, enterprises in the launchpilots/lead gen on sponsorship activity information through launchpilots/brought a pie, since 2013, Redbull red bull has been sponsored by Hong Kong campus activities to provide drinks. VIVO posed to our university activity is nearing an end, through the launchpilots/brought a pie, the activity in 46 national universities at the same time. At present on the platform sponsoring brand adidas, tencent, oreo, Converse and so on.

the team the first in China to accelerate the hatch, at the same time for China to accelerate the angel rounds of investment, there are two Hong Kong Shanghai team. Zhong Jiaying said launchpilots/collar and send A wheel has get at present, only A temporary not convenient revealed that lenders. The current campus activities sponsorship market players such as event sponsorship network, etc., but it was based on the campus media company to operate this website.

launchpilots/brought a pie
Company: brought a pie technology co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”

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