Cold tablet phone pushing 1500 cool new product take out the mobile phone market in the ceiling

on January 13, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool great god has just announced his “Internet phone brand third”, released the X series flagship of the great god brand machine at the same time, a great god X7 and experimental CoolUI6 incorporates some 360 services. Details you can walk to the cloud network coverage, hunting for details.

the cool the great spirit of the new flagship released several is worth thinking about changes and problems:

a: a great god gave up the start-up, 7 inch tablet phone’s flagship product design;

2: this time announced a great god will launch three price X/N/F product line of gear, visit ZhuFangHao said after the meeting in the future will also launch a higher price of high-end models;

3: the minimum price set by the 1599, the great god X7 “1500” in addition to the spot price of N series.

behind the triple action, herald the coming of the mobile phone market in the ceiling, greatly to cloud after atmosphere. And the adjustment of the product line also shows the android ecosystem shortcomings and deficiencies.

smartphones running concept is deeply ingrained, android ecological bad, leading to the road of differentiation in bad go

run points from entertainment rabbit has been heavily promoted by the ray booth after evaluation mechanism, the smartphone and tablet market run points ethos is, has been speeding car, even with all the media has been smashed Michael investment, the fact that the rabbit.

people to run the superstition of the influence of the whole mobile phone industry to be reckoned with, especially the Internet brand mobile phones. People’s understanding of mobile phone quality, has been thoroughly subjugate to run this only partly reflect the performance of mobile phone chips unilateral measures, rather than the overall quality of experience.

as a result, the difference of the domestic mobile phone development become more difficult, is with a heavy shadow layer.

the cool 7 inch tablet phone flagship of the great god abandoned the original layout can be seen, a great god, 1 s even joined the 3 g, 4 g phone, quality workmanship process also of no help.

in the interview, the great god to hunt cloud network brand President, said: “7” the great spirit of 1 and 1 s total sales of less than 1 million units in 2014, more than 500000 units.”

and as a result of the android ecosystem is too open, severe fragmentation, not good to protect the interests of the developers, the android tablet can only use “general version of the application,” road of the differentiation.

all these together, make the smartphone market competition fully concentrated in a few flagship chip homogeneity product price war. In other words, the needs of users from reduced to homogenize sheet is tasted, two to three and so the homogeneity of products on the market popularization have two years time, how many mobile phone users have to buy?

therefore, cool great god has already started to prepare for the Internet brand in 2015 the introduction of the offline channels, dislocation in order to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud network hunting in the previous interview in detail about the situation, you can set a detailed understanding.

market bottlenecks, in 1999 sank to 1500 to save the machine?

2015, as the inference of the domestic mobile phone market in the ceiling, the front also noted that the current user demand is “eintopf experience” android, numb to the original need two or three reduced to homogeneity product portfolio to meet experience sheet is tasted, the manifestation is the mobile phone users will view is concentrated in the end product.

the homogeneity of the mobile phone in the end products on the market popularization have two years time, the user’s purchasing power has been inadequate.

how to improve the user’s purchasing power? Cool great god choice is, on the one hand, adjust the target groups for high-end consumers, on the one hand is to further reduce the price of end products in the original, in order to reduce the price to promote consumption.

inference, the machine configuration to get one thousand yuan are not rob, increase the purchase price or step to 1200, 1500 or so to attract machine for rob to less than one thousand yuan of users, at the same time attract mobile phone consumers in the end, has certain market rule base.

how is the effect, we are currently unknown, but this strategy, combined with the participation of 360 supplement products experience, the impact on the peers. The mobile phone industry will develop into what kind, to see how this week millet layout.

in the end of the phone around.

one thousand yuan machine because of its low price quality, makes the product upgrading of speed, the ceiling is not easy to appear, but the long tail consumption ability is too low.

high-end machine due to the rich man is not bad money, so the upgrade also is not a problem, unless local tyrants sudden mass bankruptcy. And long tail consumption ability.

one thousand yuan machine competition? How can top high-end machine? See you later how the situation.

about 360 in the great god of position, this a great spirit of the conference, or did not give an accurate answer, (after all to do consider ~) for subsequent long term long tail propaganda, on the one hand, the new joint venture appointment has not been confirmed, on the one hand, cooperation detail exquisite precision in business, is the reason that the can’t say more.

but can be finalized that 360 is responsible for the service of CoolUI integration, part of the system optimization, 360, most of the services will be within the first integrated into CoolUI step by step.

360 can also priority to obtain through the great god and cool the supply chain, channel cooperation, to provide strong support for 360 new hardware department.


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