COINS, freezing complained China clients to buy the stock ali

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media reports, the currency market by market price dropped to freezing point again. This is the end of last year, since April this year, more than a special deal and a low price. Interestingly, observations and currency management institutions have pointed out that this kind of situation will appear, because the Chinese currency investors put money “run away”, and is used to purchase shares in alibaba.

it is reported that last Friday than the market price suddenly fell to $381.17 in particular, a number that although in recovering slightly to $470 on Monday, when either sequential or compared with previous prices fell sharply. In contrast, alibaba yesterday after nyse’s share price “red”, opening at $92.70, a 36.3% price rise, calculated at the price a market capitalisation of $228.5 billion.

the currency watchers complaint is not completely “loose orpiment”. Through statistics, nearly two weeks, the Chinese currency held by the investors sell COINS, this proportion is more than 52% of the U.S. investors. Due to the Chinese “clearance” behavior, the currency of the price down. Over the same period, the currency is also facing a major policy risk, not so foreign currency investors began to complain about the U.S. stocks the largest ever ipo deal – listed on alibaba.

however, some rational analysts don’t agree with this assessment. They condemned the investor is crazy COINS for the “final”. China’s currency investors to sell behavior cannot be regarded as to buying shares in alibaba. In addition, the currency cash and go to the personal investment broker hand need some time, and this proves that the Chinese currency investors is impossible “crazy yesterday after a run, will buy shares” alibaba tomorrow.

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