“Code” in the field of entrepreneurship, how much do you know?

cloud network hunting note: when your friends talk about entrepreneurship, do you find the ultimate in mouth? Do you feel the brain not enough use, IQ was raped? Do you also want to marry Grosvenor LTD handsome, marry Bai Fu beauty, leading to the top of my life? We have to understand their into their circle, first of all, of course, is to understand them. Today, let us follow the author of humor humor and wit, to fix the jargon of young entrepreneurs!

with young entrepreneurs after long enough, you will find that they have their own circle. However, we are here to business jargon a simple explanation for the more common lingua franca. After all these young entrepreneurs to expend idea one time is worth to be understood. Maybe one or two of them will create some useful things. Then, cut short, let me tell you some “business jargon” behind the meaning and usage.

talent acquisition: Google company in 2000 adopted a talent strategy. Think you’re a good team, when a big company while your idea is bad, will adopt the strategy of “talent acquisition”.

failure: this is silicon valley as a bad thing to celebrate.

positive cash flow: someone give us money.

twist (Pivot) : when a company is not aware of its processing method to achieve the desired effect, will adopt the method of transformation. A case in The history of The most typical is The Point. It company in Chicago pizza place distributing coupons, but did not achieve the desired effect, after the company strategy, take the way of the group. (this also happens to confirm the “failure is a bad thing to celebrate”)

SaaS – : it is doomed to be a business at a loss (at least) within a short period of time.

Valuation before trading was

: you have to earn money.

after trading valuation: this value is equal to the financing former valuation and the sum total of the amount of new investment. Your risk investment rate may be high.

“I work in the public relations department” : in fact, “I have a few journalists”.


– for entrepreneurs, there are two kinds of different flavors of exit: good ways and bad road. Good way out lies in the fact that when you’re finished, your company has not finished, at the same time another company to buy your company (similar to the talent acquisition mentioned above). Bad way means you can’t change anything, except your vc portfolio performance.

“I am a serial entrepreneurs” : refers to those who have had two thoughts, but in the end the two ideas have failed.

specific areas: entrepreneurs like to compare their company to participants in a particular field, because it can let a person feel they are in the field of a vertical. To know even can control a species or area of the segment is very great. However, this analogy is not very appropriate, even very hard. Especially in the know that they are in a crowded market, in particular, they like to quote the metaphor. We don’t know the reason why they like.

vc : 1) venture capitalists from the rich and some institutions to raise funds, and then transfer the money to the young companies, in order to obtain the company’s profits. 2) the medical level of institutional traders opium (if you don’t understand, please look at the next entry).

: opium also writing OPM or “other people’s money”, is a kind of addictive substances, entrepreneurs will respect and love it to death.

“we did a good job” : “what we are doing is not good.

SF/ in silicon valley: a vc technology celebrities think the greatest place on earth, if you are not from SF, or silicon valley, you must be moved here.

we growth rate of 500%” : “we have a customer last week, today we have six”.

now we have no” : “we are improving.

UI/UX – the UI (user interface) and UX (investors) experience of polysemy. When is fundamentally a lack of understanding of the principles of good design, the term is often used to refer to their products by design entrepreneurs artistry and practicality. Exemplified with a sentence: “we are in the Pizza company Nickelodeon family video application promotion failed, because our designer didn’t pay attention to the UI/UX.”

we are a design centered organization.” : “we don’t know how to code”.

the general accounting standards we profit: those very unprofitable company prefer. Don’t think non-cash consumption into account, is that you often find the disadvantage of this approach.

I am a businessman” : (see: the free-rider problem, hackers marketing.

Gravity (Gravity) : in silicon valley, there is no Gravity we .

we can get A round of $32 million : is doomed to fail.

hacker marketing (Growth Hacking) : sales, marketing, and related activities, but has been dubbed the “hacker” tag, because nontechnical people also want to call themselves “hackers”.

we see the huge margins, in view of our strong SaaS unit economic benefits, we decided to invest.” : “we would be ready to lose money.

in view of our strong SaaS unit economics, we decided to step on the gas, and actively seek additional capital for our industry leading growth such as power” : “ we have wiped out all our money, beg you to lend us some money”.

we’re subversive!” : your dreams and investors’ money may have been shattered. This is the first rule of fight club, brother.

although is likely to have been the majority of professionals, but we hope this article can help you.


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