Code farmers also want to learn marketing, not only will the programming, have to be a story!

most open source developers know writing code, regardless of the marketing. This is why many projects complete failure.

if someone says, write a successful open source is successful, that’s nonsense. Apache Storm, the founder of Nathan Marz wrote in a recent blog post, write good code is only half the battle. For an important project, satisfy customers is more important.”

this is the so-called marketing, most developers are not very good at open source projects.

open source project also need a good story

as I mentioned before, every technology company need at least one of the professional English level employees. Reality is not as you imagine it: the world in order to get the flocking to the threshold of your product.

“the developers are people too. The attention of people is limited. This is the reason why multi-language development programmers decline.” Before Google software engineer Tim Bray in an interview, said, “the real cost is the developer must constantly expanding its basic knowledge and have relevance. “

today, open source project number, if want to get the favour of the developer, then there must be a bright spot. Marketing ability, developers can better express project financial picture, and get more supporters. As Facebook and Google predecessor, engineering director Santosh Jayaram puts it, is very important for the employees to have professional English level, they can more clearly clearly describe your project.

even if developers don’t really read some of the items on making hype, but even the worst of the marketing personnel also know: if a project leader is able to accurately describe their project in professional English, speak gripping story, will contribute to the development of the project.

experience: an unexpected development for promotion, the open source project

Storm by Nathan Marz developed a distributed, fault-tolerant real-time processing system. In 2011, I and Dave Rosenberg Nodeable together to create company, focused on providing service Storm. The company was walking in the leading edge, has finally been awhile.

since then, the Storm really to grow.

Marz talks with Twitter in May, 2011, who eventually acquired the Backtype in his company. In order to improve the company’s valuation, Marz wrote a blog, describes the potential Storm and core technology.

in the process, he inadvertently discovered the value of marketing:

this blog brought some surprising results. In the article, I casually put Storm described as “like a real-time model of Hadoop” (Hadoop, a distributed system infrastructure, developed by the Apache foundation. The user can in under the condition of distributed low-level details, did not understand the development of distributed application. Make full use of the power of the cluster of high-speed computing and storage) , then this sentence really popular. Nowadays, people still described Storm, it was a lot of people even simplified as “real-time Hadoop. The branding is really successful, also very surprise, and is of great benefit to after the acquisition.

after the matter, Marz spend a lot of time to develop technology and hype (he described) at the same time, strengthen the marketing and software instructions, because “if people don’t really understand your software, they are not willing to use.”

is not only a code, Marz also invented in the campaign to lobby of the model, the blitzkrieg:

in the next year, I attended a lot of meetings, parties, as well as the company’s talks on the Storm. At least 25 talks. Eventually, I can come back with your eyes closed notes. These talks as the Storm has brought more and more exposed.

there is no doubt that the final Marz received due returns:

soon saw the marketing effect, the Storm rapidly gaining users. In January 2012, I made a survey and found that the Storm has 10 users, another 15 users plan soon will use, there are 30 companies are testing the technology. Since the release only after 3 months of time, the Storm has so many users, the basis of the marketing effect is immediate.

code farmers want to force yourself to become a master story

Storm has become a very important project, but if you don’t have been a large number of marketing, it will never reach the achievements of today. Now you should know, marketing is not to say that the erect a giant billboard on the highway, or pop-up ads on a web page.

on the contrary, I’m suggest you like Marz, make informative product introduction, improve the user’s perception of your product and interest:

need to build a successful project is not only make good code, or to solve an important problem. Text introduction, marketing and market development is equally important. Especially in the beginning, you must have the courage to innovation, use your intelligence to build project. For example, I released at the acquisition of a few months before the start mailing list, and do a lot of hype in order to get maximum exposure, Twitter brand effect to good use. In addition, want to build a successful project still has a lot of tedious and time-consuming work, such as writing text, answer the endless questions on mailing lists, speech, and so on.

for a programmer, marketing is not a sexy job, but a chore, because once a success, can caused a stir in the whole world; If you fail, will go unattended to. Linux is such, for example, when IBM is determined to spend $1 billion on marketing and promotion, to gradually developed.

in and of itself, into the Storm does not need the investment of $1 billion. But it is indeed in Marz unremitting diligently in the marketing.


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