Cloud storage: 2.0 startup Places “cloud” user management revolution

Places is a supplier of cloud service management for the center with privacy, to build a secure online storage file sharing and information platform, it has a set of client to client encryption method. Places now is still in early development stage, is invite people to attend the upcoming test phase. (development stage for Windows and Mac OS users are open.)

although it is possible to introduce a third party service to add a layer of security, but Dropbox online storage services cannot be locally encrypted, so can’t provide end-to-end encryption services.

and, most people don’t take this step. Places, by contrast, based on a more safe, through the RSA and AES 256 2048 PGP end-to-end encryption.

another change is that it attempts to break by the method of “user information” server – client of sharing platform of existing structure. Through Places, the user can on your Mac, PC and Linux share the contents of the storage and processing them.

when a user own equipment is offline or because of other reasons can’t access, Places can also through the central server to handle encrypted message, but it doesn’t have a key so you can’t access to the information content. Places software will also be on the application of the client computer and mobile phone content synchronization, it now has a iOS applications.

“our idea is that Places are not only an application, or a client running on your own server.” Co-founder said in an interview, “if you want to share important files, don’t use PGP. If you need to send multiple files to the people, then this software will be a lot better than PGP “

“if you must take nude photos, put them in Places, where all information will be encrypted, if someone is stealing from the cloud storage file he can only steal to the encrypted files, in addition to the users themselves, no one has it’s key.” Hoareau added.

he described the Places as “a applications can share everything.” Their teams are working in lab for Internet telephony, the future will be added to the application. Recently also increases an online storage type can be interactive cloud system, so that users can directly to interact with the system, is expected to be completed in a few weeks. Places are the characteristics of the existing information resources sharing and an instant messaging interface.

link the Places of these features is its powerful ability of privacy protection. The basic idea of this service is to make users can share files and certain people and don’t let strangers to obtain them.

“what if you want to share the content, you have to give me, this is very unfair.” Hoareau said, “as snowdon said, ‘what was the biggest challenge in a simple, cheap, effective and user end-to-end encryption of invisible way’.” Places did, cheap and simple end-to-end encryption.

“email as long as you can, you can use Places. All you have to create a Place, drag and files inside is ok, everything is very simple. Even if you share what privacy is not content, it will be a very good interaction.”

Hoareau think another structural change is going to happen, similar to the change of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, the shift reflects the fact, that is the network users can create content but can’t control the content.

this is Places try to correct the tendency.

“is now on the Internet is more and more people have no privacy, everyone is concerned about this. To protect privacy, will control data.” He said. “If you want to share openly, Facebook is a good choice, but if you want to share your wedding photos? In the evening or weekend party photos, there is nothing to shame, you just and friends and some wine, these are nothing, but how do you share the photos? You won’t share them out, unless you are mad, or you won’t do that. Then we thought, well what can we do?”

“the whole industry (share) are arranged in the form of client, server, you are the customer you need to serve others. But we want to, now our equipment and the Internet has just emerged compared with the strong has a lot of, you can service yourself.” “He added.

as you expect, Places will open software source code to external developers to check to make sure they perform the confidentiality agreement. External researchers also asked to provide your own code to push the project.

“that are related to Web 2.0. The provider of the information for network users. We provide information but we don’t have the information. So what is the next change? Places are the next change, this is a breakthrough, why? Because now the user into hardware providers, software providers and information provider, “he said,” this is not a ‘information you gave me, I help you’ mode, it is a huge change.”

holds up Places operations team founders, with network, security, distributed systems, psychology, artificial intelligence, data mining and text mining working background. The company was established in reunion island, a French island in the Indian Ocean.

“it is a suitable place to think, not to do business,” added Hoareau. “Now what we need is to support. We think we have a good prospect. People can support us on Twitter, Facebook, in iPhone applications to join us. Places a week will release some new version of the software, we are now very need their power.”

company still raise funds to continue construction Places now, and also plans later this year in an Indiegogo by the raise. In terms of business model, now that Places emphasis on personal information, avoid malicious mining then apparently never made any advertising. Companies are more willing to profitable emphasis on providing secure online storage.

it is under the snowden events last year to stimulate part of the network to decentralization, snowden revealed the government network monitoring coverage of the project.

Places actually set up before the snowden events, but the timing of its establishment is very good, just meet people organization increasingly nervous about the structure of Internet content now. Coupled with the government was revealed to monitor not only the individual intelligence targets and monitor all electronic communications, privacy has become a problem affect every one of us.

since snowden events, this momentum has attracted many companies focus on privacy, from Blackphone such a focus on customers, such as Places to server – the customer wants to reset the current model of the power structure. In this area there are some other companies, such as P2P Internet MaidSafe and “personal cloud platform” came.


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