Close enough: the side of the super moved to online, home to the supermarket

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do you have in this moment? Business is super streets, around is too lazy to go to; Look at the supermarket checkout line often team, their worried; Net purchase, logistics slow, time is too long… The pain believe many people will face. Along with the rapid spread of electricity, will the local store electricity, perhaps can be a very good solution to the consumer shopping pain points. Recently in contact with a product called “close enough”, the logic is based on LBS, super electricity is changed from local business ideas, will be offline store 1 to 1 is mapped to a line, so since consumers can use mobile terminal integration of fragmentation, could easily at any time of the supermarket.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, close enough to actually in June by the thumb for “change name. Founder and CEO Liu Yuchen, 4 years experience in retail industry, before starting a business for wrigley candy (China) co., LTD., channel manager, owns channel management experience, business development trend of the Internet industry and retail industry is very understanding. , “said Liu Yuchen convective cloud network offline store impact of electrical business survival difficult, while the impact of community convenience store by is not so serious, because convenience store only provides the basis of articles for daily use, shopping quickly without waiting for, but close enough is one for independent O2O scheme of supermarkets, convenience stores, for users, can give a person a kind of feeling of online shopping.”

two objects close enough to service providers and consumers, but business is the first super user. If business ultra wants to access close enough to the platform, you need to store the actual inventory table with name of commodity, price, inventory export, entry close enough to the system itself or by close enough customer service help entry; For large business super, will close enough background database in real-time collaborative business super technical personnel docking. Liu Yuchen revealed that online images are provided by close enough, and automatically adaptation, the prices of goods and platforms can be adjusted freely by shop owners themselves, but close enough to be monitored, in order to avoid vicious competition phenomenon.

for consumers, is close enough to shopping process, the user first open the App to find a nearby convenience store or a supermarket, in the choose and buy in the supermarket goods, refer to the evaluation of goods, sales, price, etc., and finally determine the purchase; Consumers can be directly in the App order shopping, can choose to have or supermarket distribution in two ways, also can give the supermarket after complete the transaction. In shopping link, close enough to the logistics network by close enough to low temperature logistics team, the campus distribution part-time, community business super distribution team and third party just-in-time team, the combination of logistics can be realized with regional delivery orders within 2 hours, effectively realized the offline distribution network for the whole life.

in addition, close enough to G code function also innovation. G code into understandable class group-buying model. After the success of the consumer is close enough to shopping, can get qr code coupons, in close enough to the coupons can cooperation channels, discount, VIP special differentiation such as consumption. Liu Yuchen thinks, “G code is not the main business, only as auxiliary increase viscosity, so allow consumers to pay cash; But another strategy is to achieve enough near the entrance to the community in the future, such as the future close enough to add a second one-stop service channel, e-commerce can take advantage of the G code statistics and collect the surrounding consumer habits, and then expand, can easily enter the similar free cooperation shops.” Hunting cloud network understand, at present the G code of cooperation, which has more than 500. For the renovation of the G code may be fresh blood to electricity dealer market into a tube.

and aiming at comprehensive shopping malls O2O solution cool cat, close enough to the small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience stores, independent in LBS, for the wizard, around the main suppliers super power. The value of a specific point of view, close enough is that combines the convenience of quick and easy and shopping category is rich, the advantage of low price point; Platform for business provide a unified online platform, in the form of entity shop mapping, shops to synchronize to online, and integration of offline resources and accurate statistical data about consumer behavior. Such joint marketing as the core, close enough to reduce the cost of independent operation, the promotion of supermarket for future business ultra precision marketing to lay the foundation of the clients.

so far, close enough to registered users rose to 130000 in guiyang region, average daily successful trading orders around 400. At present, the service is free of close enough to give priority to, the profit pattern of the future will be in the flow point, margin, precise marketing and value-added services such as a few point cuts. At this stage, you are close enough to the super O2O layout is mainly concentrated in guiyang region, for the future development strategy, Liu Yuchen convective cloud network said, “you are close enough to docking is A round of funding, the next step of the strategic layout will, from blue ocean of second – and third-tier cities are now on the layout of chongqing, chengdu and other cities, the future will close enough to fully cover big western markets, to create community portal.”

close enough

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