Clock? Help you fast to sleep a smart suit Withings Aura

French Withings previous personal health science and technology company has been launching a wearable monitor used to track the user’s activity in sleep and sleep, but it is still a bit lacking in data accuracy. Withings company recently launched another more perfect intelligent sleep aid system – Withings Aura. Withings Aura in design more reasonable human: users no longer need to wear every time when sleeping the whole equipment, also don’t always remember to activate the power equipment of form a complete set; On the function also becomes more practical: Withings Aura can serve as your alarm clock, sleep can do for you “hum” softly soothing tune to promote your sleep. A complete set of equipment a total of $299.95, relatively expensive prices means that consumers need to be careful to consider before buying. But then again, Withings Aura really worth the price?

here’s our to bring about Withings Aura of basic information and the user experience.

Basic information:

with the function of the alarm clock and speakers bedside lamp

sleep on the mattress at the bottom of the single sensor

iOS applications transmitting data via bluetooth connection

scanning indoor light, sound, and temperature at any time

suggested retail price: $299.95


Withings Aura of sleep tracking functions do not require users to enter any information

by adjusting the environmental factors such as light, sound, and temperature simulation environment the function of the sunset after the actual test results is good


alarm sound a little harsh

sensor is improved, but the data report is the same not enough accurate

design concept:

in the design of smart home and wearable equipment products, Withings is painstakingly. Pulse is a smooth wearable devices, the latest product is Activite is a watch the appearance of intelligent motion tracker, you can record all the activities, the tracker in design perfectly combines the design style of smart watches. But the design style of the Aura is some bold innovation, it can bedside lamp in your bedroom for you is like a sea of lighting effects.

the bedside lamp and built an alarm clock, alarm clock time shows the location of the covered by the speaker fabric at the bottom. The whole device are eliminated two-thirds of smooth plastic. Dents on the plastic mold has a light hole, the hole will according to you in a different light mode playing different tunes or music reflects the light of different colors. Such as you choose to be a sunset mode, the light will be dark, music will calm ease let you relax like place oneself in the beauty of the sunset beach. You can also select the Aura for the users to customize mode of intelligent alarm clock, or what all don’t choose, only be used for ordinary berth lamp.

in general, if it weren’t for Withings Pulse in as well as the bedside lamp and the function of the condition of my sleep perception (and probably after the built-in sensors can also be induced sleep environment), I think I would choose such a blink of an eye and doesn’t seem practical bedside lamp, and I really can’t find what a furniture or decorations can match such a bedside lamp. Unless you have beyond Barbarella minimalism and nostalgic aesthetic vision of the future, it must have outstanding effect. But if not so unique aesthetic, the berth lamp of alternative to buy such a style to make decoration is a little appear hard time with money.

in addition to sleep perception of sensors like a mat, is placed between the mattress and bed, will not cause any discomfort, coupled with the sensor itself in a soft cotton texture, let a person feel gentle and comfortable. According to the design, one end of the sensor will stretch out a little convenient user to find the location of the sensor. Sensor via a USB cable connected to the berth lamp of power equipment. The bedside lamp is also reserved a slot, in the near future, you can for your partner to buy a mat alone together using the intelligent sleep aid system and don’t have to buy a set of device.


Withings Aura than intelligent sleep before replication system in have made a great improvement of performance, first of all is that you don’t need to set up in every time before sleep sleep patterns today. The only thing you have to do is on iOS devices own low-power bluetooth connection the intelligent sleep aid system, and then began to sleep peacefully.

bedside lamp can provide you with a variety of choice auxiliary function of sleep, such as use slightly red lights and sound waves pat sand beach analog sunset beach environment. Newly released the contents of the bag several background sound choice has been added, but the lighting is the system according to the preset sleep mode, color can change. The lights of the sunset mode can only be slightly red, but sound can have a variety of choices. Similarly, wake up mode, the system will play a beautiful melody, and projected out of the blue light in your set of time will you wake up, but the intelligence of the system also displays in it according to your sleep cycle to set up the time you do a trace of the adjustment, to enable you to wake up the best condition.

this intelligent sleep aid system to use effect is very good, although in the beginning to let a person heart is a little resistance. After used the auxiliary system, however, I began to rely on it more and more. Withings’ new products is a huge improvement, it provides some alternative. Its alarm clock, to tell the truth, is not very attract me. Because I found that sometimes it is an odd time to wake me from sleep, I can put this as hardware synchronization is a little problem. But even in it’s time to wake me up on time, it projected light made me feel very dazzling, similarly, the bell is also very harsh. Also let me feel is not happy with them, the system will according to your sleep cycles and set the alarm clock trace adjust up your time. Maybe the smart wake function is not very suitable for like me this kind of prefers alarm clock wake up on time.

bedside lamp in addition to the lighting, its meaning is to let you more clear understanding of your equipment, and additional charge port can be compatible with your iPhone charging cable. That is to say, with such a bedside lamp, your bed will no longer filled with all kinds of charger and data cables.

as for sleep, and tracking system do well, and also provides the rich can have a better understanding of the sleep status data. But Withings application present on these night rest in the user data, provided only very simple daily in the form of a histogram analysis – tell you mild sleep throughout the accounts for what percentage during sleep, deep sleep is what percentage, and when you wake up, the actual and expected sleep the simple comparison of the time. To tell the truth, so the practical significance of the simple data analysis is not large, compared to the system of a complete set of expensive price more humble.

I hope Withings application according to the data collected from intelligent sleep aid system on how to improve the quality of my sleep more feasible advice for me, and to provide more details about the sleep patterns of effective can go deep into the analysis of each specific segment. I think each spend a lot of money to buy a separate tracker user of sleep, hope you can see more details and targeted analysis, able to content. If just simple chart statistics, which has the function of such equipment have a lot of, but also a lot cheaper. But the situation is evident in the Withings Aura was first introduced. Now, Withings company and Apple’s newly minted HealthKit application cooperation, its data can also be used on HealthKit. So, we can see other developers is how to deal with analysis of data collected from the Aura. These information push both accurate and stable, only a few weeks, I traced to total data of sleep than I collected data in the past more than a year more, at that time I was using a wearable tracking instruments such as the Jawbone UP.


Withings Aura intelligent sleep aid system as propaganda, it is a to offer reassuring sleep tracking hardware, can match the other equipment manufacturer production and sales of independent parts together for users to build an intelligent sleep environment. Withings company more and more kinds of production equipment, the growing of the family of intelligent devices, such as the newly introduced wi-fi Body Analyzer and Pulse Ox. (the former is the body analyzer, the indicators of measuring body and will upload data analysis, the latter is intelligence workout tracker, suited to the sport is the indicators monitoring body, etc.) The Withings Aura is perfectly complied with the trend. Under this development trend, this is a can attract a large number of a particular user group of wise investment. But even if the prospect one be bright, the company still have to rely on additional software updates and the developer’s strong support, and I believe they will has been committed to improve the equipment and application of practical stronger and stronger.


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