Classmate yi ma: hours because of the appearance is often made fun of

note: hunting cloud media, alibaba post-marketing ma will become the new China’s richest man, shinco’s richest man is bound to be stripped down. Hunting cloud network share students from ma hours, this article talked about, ma hours because of the appearance is often made fun of.

the day before yesterday evening, a colleague in the dead letter friends send a message: we downstairs at kiosks that little boss, is a classmate of Mr Ma ! “(hunting cloud network (note: this article first photo)

tianshui under the viaduct bridge road, stood a small kiosks, many colleagues are in the building. I buy at most is “people”, the colleague like literature and history, each issue is a must for the yanhuang chunqiu. Colleagues say after he bought the yanhuang chunqiu, conveniently through the latest issue of “sanlian life weekly”, is a cover story will be listed in the us alibaba and Mr. Ma’s business. At this point, the newsagent small boss ( we all call him familiar which teacher ) freely swinging out of the way, seems to now ma is China’s richest man, when I talk to him or her classmates … “

which the teacher said he and Mr. Ma is not only my classmates, also a former deskmate.

which master figure like ma thin short, narrow face which teacher is long and narrow ma is short, there is nothing in the meat, bony.

which teacher primary school north second, ma read lower second primary school (later incorporated into longevity bridge), primary school in the same junior high school, then called tianshui middle school, hall LongKou in Jesus.

2011 ma to make a speech at tsinghua university’s one hundredth anniversary, referred to the school.

“… I is one of the best pupils of primary school, we go to key high school examination in lordaeron, the second year again completely annihilated, later don’t really have high school, do you want us to put our to hangzhou tianshui middle school. In the history of hangzhou only a primary school to middle school, not changed after one year later fired… “

tianshui middle school only during the day, which the master and Mr. Ma sat at the first row, because of the small deskmate.

both born in 1964, is 50 years old this year. Ma birthday is on September 10, which the teacher is on November 17.

remember of the days, more than 30 years ago that sit at the same table, which the teacher said he the impression that the brain can have quite fuzzy, also very good, can remember the ma English like to go to west lake on Sunday for a chat with foreigners. Which the teacher said, in fact, at that time your English is good, and Mr. Ma is not, of course. Ma family lived in the royal garden, oneself to also have been to several times with his family, his father or his mother like jie, under the above have a brother a younger sister. Tianshui middle school later, two people went to different schools, in yan ‘an middle school meet again later, the same grade, but in different class, rarely hierarchy, until now almost no impression.

they truly separate graduated high school in 1982.

at that time, the rare, can get in university graduated from most of the students began to find work. Jack ma, that year the university entrance exam this maths exam only 1 minute, then he cram on a work-study program, take an examination of until the third year finally admitted to the hangzhou teachers college. Master to simply enter oneself for an examination after several state-run unit, because the sight is not accepted, then (then called red sun plaza) at wulin square edge stands, to start the business, then also learned to drive, when any XiSha jobs, tube warehouse… Don’t do long. Ma went to hangzhou university of electronic science and technology university, as an English teacher.

in June 1995, both as a 31-year-old man has found new life starting point.

which teacher in hangzhou a local food company as a salesman, the company a few years later the business is thriving, fist products is the well-known “king long nose”. That same year ma went to the United States for the first time, see the Internet for the first time, from now on one direction at a time, rapid advances have elbowed.

for 12 years, which the teacher because of dissatisfaction with the company’s new management, to resign, 40 s and began taking odd jobs. When his deskmate ma at the beginning of November, lead alibaba B2B listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, raised $1.49 billion, a Chinese Internet company financing.

09 which master had attended a classmate party, in a teahouse, orioles singing that day went to more than 30 students. Which teacher at that time still doing odd jobs, feel “mix” and always nest in the corner is not depreciated. Actually don’t need, the vast majority of his classmates and his bad not too much, mostly to work to earn money, do an ordinary job, hard to feed their families.

we all think that the students out of the two “celebrities” : one is Mr. Ma, the Internet giant, world-class entrepreneurs. The other one is Kong Shengdong, 28 bus driver, the national labor model, the obligation of every Saturday night at the well lane lane that car repair stalls are known in hangzhou.

Kong Shengdong I have interviewed many times, never heard that he is and what Ma Yunyou relations. Yesterday afternoon, get through the phone, he just take 28 bus back to the train station, is preparing to eat dinner.

asked Mr. Ma, Kong Shengdong said that they did when the students a semester, he remembers is yan ‘an middle school class 2 (5) .

Kong Shengdong is 50 years old this year, birthday earlier than ma only eight days. Said his head is short in the class, the seat is in the front row, and Mr. Ma points again in the same study group. Ma Yungu near the school, the impression is almost go to his house to do his homework after school every day. “alternative”, ma because looks are sometimes made fun of. Kong Shengdong generous mild temper, and who can hit it off, so Mr Ma is better with him, often was like peas and carrots. 2, the second half of the semester Kong Shengdong turn to other classes, although every day meet on campus, but with much less.

jack ma and compared which master of seasoning in the marketplace, Kong Shengdong resume easier in life: in June 82, graduated from high school, pay the company into the city, November 10 years mechanic, flight attendants, four years 28 bus driver 17 years until now. Chronology lei feng in 80, he set up near their obligation to car repair stalls. The whole people “the sea” in the early 90 s, nobody would only when a flight attendant, he actively report to play three times. 28 96 road to unmanned flight attendants muddleheaded, bus driver and bitter and tired no one is a worker, he led an offer requirements to drive.

in the autumn of 1999 the junior high school reunion, day Kong Shengdong missed because of going to Beijing to accept labor model recognition, listen to the classmate say back, jack ma. Then alibaba founded soon, the business has just started, Mr Ma also not too busy.

Kong Shengdong says he last saw Mr Ma, can’t remember which year was the “may fourth movement” youth day, the city youth commendation congress, he and Mr. Ma is representative, a representative model represents the outstanding entrepreneur, as soon as they met two people remember that year, Mr Ma has also handed him a card. Haven’t seen since then.

around 9 PM tonight (us time) tomorrow morning at 9 o ‘clock, jack ma will under the attention of all over the world for alibaba listed on the nyse bell. The hangzhou people will become China’s richest man, is said to employees, including more than $400 would benefit ali hangzhou will also moment was born a large number of millions and millions, a billionaire.

I’m thinking, ma bell that moment, he’s the first sit at the same table which teacher, is likely to keep the newsstand to PM, second day of his classmates Kong Shengdong, should ride storage battery has just arrived home. They two people with me yesterday, when we talk about the old classmates expression and tone are very serene quiet.

which master think, the people already and he is not a class, “each one has his life will be over”.

and Kong Shengdong felt that the richest man or civilians, the key is mentality is better.

buses have a beginning has an end, for me, to serve the people without an end, but only starting point for him (ma), the public is not an end, is just a new beginning…

to be honest, this Kong Shengdong last really let I once interviewed him many times, once again sit up and take notice.

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