Clap into jingdong game 1: main fan social new gameplay

(word/qing nan)

announced in March this year after merged with jingdong, clap nets has experienced a long time to adjust and to planning stage, although revised fit promotion started before 618, but the situation is personnel has not complete, strategy is not clear, after the above problems were solved, the double this year after 11 became clap to jingdong system a “battle”.

11, the dominated by Tmall shopping spree, already thorough popular feeling. In each other’s existing platform and strong people down, clap from ali mouths, is difficult, besides, patted pattern of soaring is strong taobao directly. Therefore, pat need to have a new style.

in today’s communication meeting, clap nets President Kate kui said the double clap nets to be launched in the mobile terminal during 11 “fan + social” new gameplay, main store, use hand Q, and social WeChat methods for merchants drainage, in this process, invest $marketing resources and business subsidies.

compared to day the cat this year advocate hit is platform, mobile, and internationalization. Pat is behind such a practice has its huge social resources. Is the account system not only, still have important relationship chain. One big difference is that, for example, has already been blocked in the WeChat taobao links, and pat completely unaffected.

in double 11 concrete operational level, in addition to the introduction of businesses improve category, clap a month ago the key has developed a “cheap” mobile products, the core game is in the friend introduced in group-buying model, through the communication with friends and groups to buy a cheap product, only reach regulation number can conclude the transaction, otherwise failure. Clap officials said, starting from 23 this month, take cheap secondary entrance will be formally launched mobile phone QQ, and micro letter related to the product form in the design.

in the end, the existing business model core are fans of the economy. In the “cheap” in the process of transmission, let the fans can effectively and merchants association. In addition, on the strength of this year is the last month of the “shop” products, this is a completely relies on the mobile end products. Based on micro shops, businesses can through the microblogging, WeChat, BBS and other social networking platform to attract fans, can be directly through the micro store attention and collection function, to establish contact with all the fans can be targeted for different categories of fans launched promotion plan.

during the double 11, in order to encourage businesses to get more fans and users, clap nets not only by the PC will launch special micro shop stores, micro qr code to guide and encourage sellers set up shop price will lead to the small shop, PC users will also support the businessman of drainage, businesses can by tencent widely through precise coverage target fans, and pat will be carried out on the merchant’s advertising 1:1 subsidies.

from November 1, clap nets will be the official start of the double 11 cuts. Clap official is expected to double tenth time, finish decorating and can operate on micro shop will break through the 1 m or so. Clap nets in the double 11 will invest $marketing resources and business subsidies, help business mobile ecological fast start.

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