Clap a collection: do network auction market in “taobao”

hunting cloud network on September 12 (word/flat HongGuang)

change along with the development of network technology in the traditional model, online auction has become a trend, at present, taobao, Su Ningyi purchase, jingdong, gome, amazon and other large manufacturers began to test the waters art network auction. Under the boom, popular art network auction platform positioning do civilians “collection” is among the more vertical segment of an emerging website.

collection was established in January, founder is XiaoFuLong, many organizations entity auction has long experience, knew that traditional auction giant, threshold of cost is high. Gradually, therefore, the network auction of entrepreneurial ideas.

the difference and precious art auction, pat collection main popular concept, with the demands of consumers and the auction market needs change as the breakthrough point, to establish a socialization, specialization for the friends of the Tibetan art auction platform, platform online collection. Its in the form of the English auction, gathering collection to shoot, online auctions, finance and investment, the online quiz, collection, identification and so on many services for the integration of large-scale online auction platform. For auction successful collection collection charge 10% service charge, for auction items don’t charge any fees.

with the existing online, Zhao Chong online auction sites such as there is a very big difference, such as the function of her online tend to transfer the traditional auction to network position, collection auction process is complex, participate in the high threshold, basic unable to participate in ordinary consumers. Popular, while making collection flagship civilians by all sell all comments, they asked the answer way, operation simple and easy to program, let collectors identity to switch back and forth between the seller and the buyer, to maximize the information flow; At the same time, making the collection unique community function, through community Tibetan friend mutual exchange and sharing, cultivate high viscosity of the users, thereby increasing the possibility of repeated transactions.

in the face of the auction market need to innovation, make the collection in the domestic first introduced the public collection fidelity auction, all items after several rounds of review screening of senior industry experts, the priority on the authoritative certification institution shall issue a certificate of collection, and at the same time and send to the client when the trust auction contract, signed a month “false return” agreements, and two-way deposit guarantee system, and makes the bidders can rest assured bid auction, buyers and sellers of equal rights.

“sellers to the buyers today is tomorrow” this is a collection of different customer characteristics. Web site since its launch in April, enrollment has reached 50000, has been with Beijing nearly 30 stores and more than 100 items cooperation, offering online sales support; At the same time get the collection industry chamber of commerce in Beijing, Chinese collectors association, the Chinese artists association, and many other Chambers of commerce and association leader’s recognition and support.

at present, the collection contact the few investment institutions at home and abroad, is doing the next step of planning for financing. Founder XiaoFuLong said, “take the collection is integrating resources and financing stage, the future will integrate the collection, the art market, with well-known all over the city auction companies, pawn shops, jewelry, antique market depth cooperation, investment company, determine the collection of benchmark leadership, to develop personal Internet museum collection people, development of mobile phone client, realize mobile phone reminder to participate in the auction business, let collection by the client to complete social, consulting, q&a, knowledge and experience sharing.”

shoot collection

time: January 2014


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