Chopsticks travel: based on traffic tourist charter by platform


if you have been to Tibet, basic can’t miss Lhasa “snow area restaurant”, because in the sparsely populated plateau region, tourism is a very unusual thing changed, but precisely the carpool information will be found in the snow area one side wall of the restaurant, travel, the founder of the many little note to let chopsticks water mong thought of zhu: now that everybody is looking for a car, get, so why not make a platform, the information gathered? Water wang zhen zhu’s trip to Tibet opened his entrepreneurial path, thus was born the chopsticks.

chopsticks focus on travel destination tourist charter, let visitors to familiar with local conditions and customs of local driver, led to worry comfortable way, depth of experience the local life. A driver on decided the traveler is enjoying life as the locals do, or on the road in a hurry ordinary traveler. Started with chopsticks travel from Tibet and check on strictly in terms of driver pick, seek public praise good teacher, not on any driver information can travel on the chopsticks, to hunt, founder of the cloud network said: “now we are already had some rules to ensure the quality of the master’s service at the airport on receipt of the tourists, for example, is offering mobile power supply, Wifi, slippers and so on, make it feel warm care, travel and chopsticks will also cooperate with the insurance company that let users each chopsticks to travel on the bus has the security, if the user in the process of charter by the driver master bad treatment, after complaints verification, chopsticks trip will also be a full claim.”

the more mature China travel service, online travel sites, though there is also a charter service, but more of a “sea of information model,” beer and skittles and the type of the chopsticks travel relatively more vertical, this also is helpful for its cooperation with other communities (such as a hornet’s nest, tips based on the destination site) by these. Now, on the other hand, the market is roughly travel agency is responsible for the passengers, the driver is responsible for the food, housing, travel, buy, entertainment, and finally the driver and travel into, notoginseng and hexagon is the most common ratio. To hunt cloud network water wang zhen zhu said: “the chopsticks with tourists travel to driver direct docking, equal to our travel agency that part of the money received, and then give the tourists to some, the platform still make money.”

chopsticks travel founder: zhu water, China three communication 9 years of experience in marketing management; Tang Guyi, tencent’s senior product manager, lead the tencent maps, street, etc. Previously, chopsticks travel is not online, has received extensive attention of the investment community, and get two rounds of financing, 2 million yuan angel round of funding from the micro XinHai, tens of millions of yuan, the Pre – A investment from the plum blossom venture capital.

at present, the tips are Uber reached a cooperation agreement with the United States, will provide hire services. Easy to also will do more in terms of O2O cross-border cooperation. If future chopsticks will expand into outbound travel, so there will be a round the earth (overseas Chinese to pick up the service platform) as a competitor, visible, chopsticks has a long way to go travel, hunting cloud network think it is the first task is to charter a piece of service constantly optimized, to survive in the tourism market chaos.

chopsticks travelCompany: Tibet chopsticks travel information consulting co., LTD.

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